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Closely review props

October 30, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

There should never be an amendment to the Michigan Constitution unless it is one that will benefit all Michigan residents and not an individual group. Case in point is Proposal 2.

Statewide collective bargaining would be disastrous for Michigan. If the unions or just one group of them don't get what they want in contract negotiations, all unions could strike and shut down the State. In short, the state would be run by the labor unions and we could not do a thing to stop it.

No other state has anything like this in their Constitution that makes these special interest groups untouchable. This is nothing short of madness and by far the worst proposal on the November ballot.

Second worse is Proposal 6. If passed it would make it almost impossible for the State to ever build a bridge or tunnel to Canada without an election. The only people that will benefit are Manuel Moroun and his group who own the Ambassador Bridge. What a monopoly! It has been demonstrated that construction of the bridge won't cost the taxpayers of Michigan anything.

There would be direct access off 1-75 instead of the current difficult access through Detroit. A new bridge would bring hundreds of high paying jobs to Michigan for years and the revenues from tolls would go the State instead of Matty Moroun.

Next worse is Proposal 5. Again, we should never approve an amendment to the Michigan Constitution unless it will benefit all of us. Back in 1978 we passed the Headlee Amendment which placed limits on total state spending each fiscal year.

This did bring benefits to all Michigan residents in the form of less tax but still left the state the fiscal ability to govern. Proposal 5 just ties their hands.

Proposal 3 forces all electric utility companies in Michigan to have 25 percent of their sales of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025. While this sounds good on paper, it will impact electric rates immediately to achieve something that might not even be possible. Proposal 4, well, just what we need, another regulatory agency in Lansing.

None of the constitutional amendments (Proposal 1 is a law, not an amendment) will bring any benefits to all Michigan residents. They only benefit some special interest group that collected enough signatures to get them on the ballot. Vote "no" down the line. Leave our Constitution alone.

Dennis Goldsworthy

Little Lake



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