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Romney OK

October 29, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

I am the very proud son of an immigrant. My mother survived the bombings and occupation of her hometown, Cividale, Italy, during World War II and met her husband, an American, in the same U.S. Army base that housed previous occupiers. Due to the war, my mother only completed the eighth grade in school and immigrated to the U.S. when she was 21 years old.

She started a business in 1964 and grew her business into a very successful small business employing dozens of people. She became the main breadwinner in 1970 and through her hard work and street smarts, she did build it and provided our family a middle-class standard of living. My mother's life epitomizes the American dream!

As best as I can surmise, my Mother voted for Democrats until 1980. As part of an iron ore mining family, my mother was urged by the union to vote for Democrats. After the mines closed, my mother realized that she needed the government to get out of her way and since she had to provide for her family, she voted for Ronald Reagan.

My mother passed away in 2010 and from 1980 until 2010 she voted for Republican Presidential candidates, except 1996, when a pragmatic Bill Clinton grasped the concept of self-reliance and entrepreneurship by declaring, "The era of big government is over!"

Despite Bill Clinton's tepid endorsement, Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton. Obama is a left wing ideologue that believes in communism (income redistribution).

My mother despised income redistribution because it rewarded the lazy at the expense of the ambitious. She also understood patriotism and that you should vote for the candidate that is best for the country not for who your union or spouse directs you to vote for. True patriotism is voting for the best man/woman that will lead us back to greatness, despite party affiliation, as my mother did

I know that if my mother were alive today, she would vote for Mitt Romney because, despite her modest education and roots, she knows what is best for our country and best for hard working Americans! She would disavow everything Barack Obama stands for and especially the massive deficits, big government and taking from the "working class" and giving to the indolent.

If an eighth grade educated Italian Yooper can figure it out, we can all figure it out!

Gary Merrill

Florence, Wis.



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