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Modern pace cited

October 23, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

A few weeks and time to vote for president, congressman and some important state proposals. With all the commercials about who will do the best job, we have seen that before. A lot of promises of jobs for all and we will all have a better life. I don't think so.

For one thing, we have almost 200 million more people in the USA since 1930. How about the new electronic age? Many machines have taken the place of people. Robots in auto factories. How about bank ATMs, computers? Don't need cashiers with the up and coming check out machines at stores.

The Indian casinos have ticket slots and you can get your money from a machine. We have gotten rid of phone operators a long time ago. Now we talk to recordings. What a life. The new age they call it.

Are you better off with this stuff? How about more cars and trucks? It's getting so you can't enjoy a nice quiet drive. Someone right on your bumper. Hurry, hurry is the name of the game.

More and more stores. How many do we need? Restaurants, I counted a hundred or more. Can it all keep going? Time will tell. Having everything we want will, I believe, not be possible. Some day our resources will run out.

I've read some good books by people who have researched the use of our resources and also DVDs and most conclude we will have to change our ways. Someday, so on we go wanting jobs for all nice homes, lots of food to eat, all the good things in life.

My answer to this is how about taking care of our planet. Use our resources wisely. Help one another and be considerate to one another. Slow down and enjoy your life. It goes by faster than you think.

I will say a couple things that are better now. The nice job done on the highway between Marquette and Harvey plus, the McClellan Street extension. Thanks to all involved for getting the job done.

William Maki




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