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Family has served

October 17, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

I watched Mitt Romney deliver his acceptance speech. I noticed the big banner in the background, "We believe in America." Mitt was also wearing an American flag on his lapel.

Very patriotic. You and I are both the same age, Mitt. My question is where was all this patriotism during the Vietnam War? The war lasted over a dozen years. It wasn't as though a patriotic individual like you didn't have a chance to get involved.

You have five sons, surely, a patriotic man would have encouraged at least one to join our armed forces and help preserve our way of life.

My great-grandfather fought in the Civil War and my grandfather in WWI. My dad fought in WWII, spending 2 years overseas. Mom's two brothers fought in WWII, and one has been missing in action since July 27, 1950 during the Korean Conflict. His three sons, several cousins, and I served in Vietnam. Our family has also served in Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

You believe it's the America worth fighting for, as long as someone else or someone else's son or daughter is doing the fighting.

I don't deny you your wealth. After all, this is America. Nevertheless, why don't you tell us what you really believe in, Mitt? You believe in what America can do for you. It can allow you and your family to live a life of luxury while somebody else spills his/her blood.

Where is the Christian community? Yet, the only thing I hear from the Diocese of Marquette is anti-Obama remarks. Aren't silent lips the devil's mouthpiece? Has the Good Shepherd's silent lips allowed him to abandon his flock and rebuke Jesus Christ in favor of a political party? Does that sound familiar?

Jerry Falwell would roll over in his grave if he knew the moral majority's lips were also silent. I, too, am against abortion and fully aware that my party is pro-choice.

I pray daily for an end to abortion, as I'm sure many others do, but unless we accept the trinity, we are only chasing the wind with our prayers.

Choose whom you want to serve, Mitt. For my family and me, we'll choose God and country, in that order.

Joseph Paquette Jr.




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