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Research, public input needed on alternative energy

October 15, 2012
The Mining Journal

In recent days, a story based in Toledo, Ohio, has passed almost unnoticed in this area.

But a relatively new proposal to locate a commercial wind turbine on a site adjacent to the Lake Erie shoreline may contain lessons for developers planning on similar facilities near Lake Superior.

The Mining Journal has long supported the use of alternative energy sources, including wind energy.

While no one we know of is suggesting wind, bio-fuels, geo-thermal or sunlight will completely replace traditional energy sources, including their development and deployment is an important component to any national energy policy, especially one designed, in no small measure, to keep us out of the endless wars we have been fighting to secure Mideastern oil sources.

While the wind itself is free, harnessing it on a commercial level is proving to be more expensive than anyone - including The Mining Journal - ever imagined.

People who live near wind turbines report unusual physical ailments including headaches and issues with sleep.

And with many of the towers topping 200 feet, animal habitats are often adversely impacted through construction. Bird populations are harmed, which reportedly, is what's going on in Ohio where activists say the turbine's whirling blades hit and kill bald eagles and other migratory species.

Clearly, wind makes sense, but only in the right area. And the right area can only be determined with much research and public involvement.



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