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Intolerance abounds

September 30, 2012
John Hongisto, Deerton , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

This year's campaign is the nastiest in recent history. The tactics of the Democrats are misguided and may very well backfire in this election.

Take the race for Congress. Instead of telling us what their candidate will do and what he stands for, they attack Dr. Benishek and distort his record. One ad from the Democratic National Committee is demonstrably false and is intended to scare Social Security and Medicare recipients.

I put out political signs for Republican candidates for State Representatives, Congress and the U.S. Senate along M-28 from Harvey to Christmas. Most have been taken or trashed. Those responsible must think that this will help to defeat candidates they don't support. In the competition for ideas and solutions, they appear to be wanting.

Last summer, I decided to get in the Marquette Fourth of July Parade. I sent in an application, paid the filing fee, received a letter of acceptance and checked in with the parade official at the staging area. I met the requirements for a family friendly entry.

I wore a barrel decorated with red, white and blue stripes and signs that said Obama 2012. I carried a sign that said, "Buddy can you spare a dime" and a large tin cup. I wore a flop hat and sunglasses spoofing the President.

About a half mile down Washington Street, a man ran out of the crowd, accosted me and shouted that I didn't belong in the parade. He was extremely hostile and refused to listen to my explanation. He said, "you're outta here."

Shortly thereafter, I was stopped by a policeman on a bicycle and told they had a complaint that I hadn't registered for the parade. He wouldn't listen either and said that if I didn't get off the street, I would be arrested and taken to jail. I was forced to comply.

The next day I went to see the police captain who was aware of the incident. I showed him documentation and we agreed to meet the following Monday. When we did, he returned my check and I received a letter of apology from the Parade Chairperson.

That should have never happened. Unfortunately, the damage was done.

This intolerant attitude is indicative of the liberal-progressive mindset. If you don't like the message, attack the messenger and they showed their true colors. What goes around comes around.



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