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Rich must pay more

September 12, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Why on earth would any sane person propose privatizing social security and weakening Medicare so that insurance companies can make more money?

We, as a nation, are still coming out of one of the worst financial disasters where 1 percent of bankers and high flying financiers were bailed out by the 99 percent whose pensions have been eliminated; whose jobs have been sent oversees; whose unions and benefits are under unprecedented attack; and whose homes are literally and figuratively underwater.

Now U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek, R--Crystal Falls, and Romney/Ryan want to revisit the talk of privatization and vouchers. The middle class is shrinking-has been for 30 years - and a greedy financial class is reaping profits unheard of in our history. But they need us to save their collective you- know-whats when their ... debts come due.

The middle class has paid into Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare. Those programs are our own rainy day fund. If the rich would just pay a little more it would be a much bigger rainy day fund and all this talk of insolvency would melt away.

Make the rich pay their fair share like the rest of us.

Miriam Taylor




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