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System is broken

September 1, 2012
Fred Jakobcic Marquette , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Collusion and corporatocracy are related. The two major political parties, Congress, private health insurance and pharmaceutical industry, are all working together to deny the public what it wants, health care for all, also known as universal, single-payer or Medicare for all, which was shut out of any debate.

Obama Care still leaves some 23 million without and will only add to the profits of private health insurance with cuts to programs needed by the public. There is profit, not savings here.

The Republican-controlled State State recently passed a bill than means higher costs to Michigan public school employees and reduced pensions. The Aug.16 article in The Mining Journal says this act of fiscal responsibility "sends a signal to Wall Street that Michigan is taking care of its economic problems..." and that "This is a big step for financial accountability." These are the very people responsible for this long lasting economic mess that has led to these attacks on the poor, the middle class, public service and public school workers and their pensions, on whose back the burden to fix things is being laid.

Business is bearing no such load. They and the rich are getting the tax breaks, the stimulus money and subsidies and paying less for their wealth than the lower class are paying for the little that they are left with. Our pensions have been raided, lost, taxed and stolen.

Chris Hedges writes in his new book "Days of Destruction Days of revolt" that corporations are disemboweling every last social program funded by the taxpayers, from education to Social Security, because they want that money for themselves, (p.265)" And that we need to put "Human needs before corporate greed, (page 236)" We are the beast of burden for them and are treated as such.

This collusion is taking away all we have to pay for all they want. It leaves us with a national infrastructure badly in need of fixing, under-funded public education, politicians who don't care, a GOP that would rather live with gridlock and for-profit health care, too many cannot live with and a public living in fear, where dissent is a crime, where the police are being militarized to protect those at the top from the destitute below.



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