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Dems miss mark

August 27, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

This election season we'll see letters claiming praising candidates as angelic opposing others as Satan.

Some believe these quasi-factoids because they won't verify facts as long as someone they hate is attacked. Although both sides selectively choose data supporting their own view, those on the left more easily believe and repeat the false and partially-true.

That's why I find them so entertaining when they speak, and so scary when they obtain power.

Expanding on last year's letter that angered my Democrat friends (yes, I still have some) I append my democrat lexicon. If you think I'm too mean-spirited, remember, Democrat leaders have said everything I am making fun of.

Four-hundred words are not enough, so consider this part one of two.

When Republicans cut rates for every tax-payer in 2003 (rich 9 percent, middle/ low-income 33 percent, and 100 percent for the poor) they took money from the poor to give tax cuts to the rich. Yet when Democrats supported ending the Bush tax cuts raising taxes on all taxpayers (rich, 10 percent and 50 percent for the poor) they're making sure everyone pays their fair share.

Occupiers call themselves "the 99 percent" but apparently occupy the 49 percent who pay no income taxes at all. Who's not paying their fair share? On the topic of bad math, when democrats say those earning over 250,000 are "millionaires and billionaires." Is that bad math, poor English, or a sad testament to the schools they attended?

When tax-rate cuts increase tax-revenue (as they always have 1920's, 60's, 80's, 2000's) Democrats claim they increase the deficit, but claim increased Democrat spending has no effect on the deficit. Think of that, more money coming in increases the debt, but overspending does not - Democrat logic.

When the top one percent pay 40 percent of the taxes, the bottom 49 percent who pay zero, call them greedy. One frequent writer regularly embarrasses himself pointing out that while the top 20 percent earn half of the income they pay only 80 percent of the taxes. Huh? Justice for all apparently means taking what others earn and giving to Gordon.

When you see rebuttals over the next month, please take the time to verify their claims, unless you're a Democrat, in which case you can just repeat it.

Often and loud, true or not, that's the way to keep your party strong.

Dan Adamini




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