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It’s all tax money

August 26, 2012
Gary Merrill, Spread Eagle, Wis. , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editors:

Dear Yoopers, Cheeseheads, Republicans, Independents and Democrats, we enjoy living in the north land because of industries like mining, logging, paper making, national defense and the services that support these core businesses.

Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Stabenow and Tammy Baldwin staunchly oppose these core industries. They would rather see this country go back to the dark ages than to mine our natural resources, cut our trees, make paper or strengthen our national defense.

We've seen this before in the late 1970's under Jimmy Carter and what a disaster that was. Why would any able bodied American vote for a candidate that hates our core job producers? If you want to save our jobs, our communities and our children and grandchildren's future, read on.

Barack Obama loves unions for their financial support but could not care less about union jobs. Why else would he oppose the Keystone Pipeline and the thousands of union jobs it would have provided? A typical solar plant employs about five non-union employees to run it and it only produces less than 4 percent of the energy of a typical coal or natural gas fired plant.

A traditional coal-fired plant employs hundreds of union employees, produces 25 times the power and operates night and day, rain or shine. Unless you raise horses or build buggies, a vote for Barack Obama, Debbie Stabenow or Tammy Baldwin is a vote against jobs.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to Barack Obama's speeches and commercials for proof. He vows to "invest" in "American Energy", which translated means "tax, borrow and spend" on "wind and solar start-ups." Go to Barack Obama's website and read Jennifer Granholm's comments that outline the Obama doctrine regarding American energy for the future, which states that the only way forward is "significant investments in home-grown clean energy sources like wind, solar, and other renewables."

Significant investment translates to large tax increases and more borrowing! Try operating our iron ore mines or our paper mills with windmills on top of the tailing piles and solar panels on top the paper mill's roofs.

Finally, for those of you that work for the government and are saying to yourself, I like Barack Obama's big government or that his policies won't affect me, remember that your paycheck comes from tax dollars and without jobs there are no tax dollars.



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