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Bible has truth

August 13, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

I've been reading all the bad news lately. Two people killed while crossing the road. I just wrote in my last editorial about a guy passing me in a no passing zone and going over the speed limit. Pretty dangerous walking or driving.

Then the news of a man shooting people in a movie theater. Unless there is a change of character in human beings in this world then I'm not sure conditions will improve.

The entertainment industry should not glorify violence, drugs, sex, etc. Look at TV nowadays as well as movies. Not much decent programming. Lots of killing, sex, fighting, etc. Also drinking and drugs. Personally, I can't watch the stuff. Having been in recovery 26 years, I have changed my character and I'm trying to be a better person and hopefully do some good in this world before I leave this earth.

I've seen many others who have also changed to be better people. If evil overtakes good then it's going to be a hell on earth situation. Many countries are in pretty much turmoil. Men carrying AK47 weapons. A lot of innocent people killed women, children, it doesn't matter. So if people don't want to change their ways and more weapons become available, it would be hard for our law enforcement people to protect us.

The only way that it can change for the better is a massive spiritual change of people in this whole world. That's what is called a repentance that has to come about in a whole lot of people. In other words, change for the good. If that does not occur, only God's return of his son Jesus Christ coming back to this earth will be the end of evil, killing and sinful living.

Only those who choose the way of God and his son Christ will see the peace, joy and the promise of a new life.

No more evil, sorrow, tears, but the beauty of being with Christ in the Kingdom of God. That's the good news. You will find it in the page's of the book called the Holy Bible. Read it. It's the truth and the way to eternal happiness.

William Maki




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