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Prices challenged

August 5, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Enough is enough. Marquette gas stations are acting like bandits, price gouging and doing it without a concern for the motoring public's financial ability to pay and doing it without the use of a gun.

Today is July 20 and it is noon. Citgo was $3.74, Freedom $3.59 and Admiral $3.48. At 9 p.m. these same stations were: Citgo $3.74, Freedom $3.73 and Admiral $3.74. All these stations seem to follow Citgo's lead in raising prices. Did the price of a barrel of oil jump by $20 or so a barrel? Nope. Did a refinery have an explosion to cause a production to stop? Nope. So, tell me, why the drastic increase of $.26 a gallon in Marquette? I wonder if the price of a gallon jumped $. 26 downstate or in Wisconsin?

The leader in this seems to be Citgo, as over the years, they have raised the price up by 10 to 15 cents a gallon first and watched to see who follows and at what price. Then they adjust theirs accordingly. This, to me, is nothing more than greed on their part. Shame on all the other stations for being just as guilty as Citgo and just as greedy.

There is a way to stop this price gouging. Gas stations are a service-oriented businesses. The are just like hotels, restaurants, etc. We, as consumers have choices as to where we spend our dollars. Remember, these stations are only in business because we, the consumer, want them to be.

So, do we support the greedy ones or do we support the station with the lowest price? Today there was a $.26 per gallon difference in gas. Let's say you buy 10 gallons, that's $2.60 out of our pocket. Ask yourself, what could I buy with $2.60?

Lastly, I ask The Mining Journal to put the price of a gallon of gas every couple days in a box on the front page of the paper. This is so people, like me, can become a more informed consumer.

So, to the Native Americans, please hurry for I just can't wait to watch Citgo and Holiday and others scramble to adjust their price per gallon to be more competitive.

W.J. Koski




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