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Left targets Tea Party

August 1, 2012
The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Once again, the Left is taking advantage of a horrific tragedy, this time in Colorado, in order to make political and ideological gains. Within hours, Brian Ross was on ABC's Good Morning America incorrectly trying to connect the shooter, James Holmes, to the Tea Party. And once again, just as with the Arizona shooter, the Left ended up with egg on their face and had to apologize.

The desperation of the Left to deface the Tea Party movement can be clearly seen by their relentless, failed attempts to attach negative traits to this truly patriotic group. If anyone would like to read about actual violence that is unmistakably part of a movement, you can simply Google: "Occupy Wall Street Violence." I find it curious that a simple name on a Tea Party website makes the news within hours but very little of the rampant violence committed by the Occupiers was ever mentioned by the Liberal media.

This senseless tragedy has also, once more, brought out the gun confiscators (gun control activists). Here is another Liberal group that truly believes that they can solve gun violence in this country by taking weapons from the hands of law-abiding citizens who's right to bear arms is guaranteed in our Bill of Rights.

The Liberals' dogmatic perseverance to this agenda showcases their lack of foresight and ignorance of history. The one thing a criminal can be counted on to do is to find ways to break the law. The gun control advocates could confiscate every privately owned gun in the country, melt them down to make windmill blades for the green energy agenda and the criminals would still find ways to kill people; whether it is with illegally obtained guns or anything else they could find.

The Bill of Rights was attached to the Constitution during the ratification process because the People wanted to ensure these fundamental rights were guaranteed to them before they agreed to be governed under the newly proposed Constitution. The Right to Bear Arms was included not to ensure that the citizen had the means to defend themselves and their property, that was a given; but as a check against a tyrannical government.

It is no wonder that the Progressive left, whose policies and agendas often require Liberty to be surrendered, push so hard to have this basic right removed under their continuing ruse of "taking care of us."

Scott Bolster




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