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Pride speaks

July 15, 2012
Mike Leppanen Eben Junction , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

Most adults realize big oil is the problem. They say prices are driven by world demand, we all know differently, the U.S. economy hasn't fully recovered and Europe's economy is in the tank so it's very easy for them to use their usual scams like cutting production, shutting down refineries etc., to create false shortages and keep prices up.

I'm sure Mr. Krist Anastoff and Mr. Ferns pay their employees $20-$30 an hour plus benefits because we all know the Lord only allots us so much time on this earth and they would certainly want them to live a life style like their own. After all, we know employees only have their time to offer.

As far as Native Americans go, our country, in order to save money and steal their land, captured members from different tribes and injected them with a small pox virus and sent them back to their tribes to spread it to all members to suffer and die in an effort to erase an entire race of people. Does that ring any bells and remind people of World War II?

So maybe they deserve a break or perhaps they are all just thieves, convicted felons and tax evader as Mr. Anastoff implies? Maybe it's time some of you really really proud American patriots took some time off from flag waving and read some history of what our government has done with pride.

Now it come to education funding: perhaps you should along with your local chamber of commerce thank Gov. Rick Snyder for breaking teacher unions, cutting education funding and enacting a law which allows man to fire city commissioners and school boards who reach an impasse and name a person of his choice to run them like he has already done in tow cities downstate.

If I was a city commissioner, I wouldn't get too smug, after all you would never reach an impasse or let an issue like the Cliff's Dow site drag on for 30-plus years.

By the way, who were Marquette's best and brightest commissioners who allowed them to leave town and not clean up that mess and allow it to pollute the greatest freshwater lake in the world?

Republicans claim to love small businesses, competition and democracy so remember elections count, too. If you want more of the same be sure to vote for Mitt Romney in November. You certainly deserve it.



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