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Tax loss worries

July 8, 2012
Rick Kochis, Marquette , The Mining Journal

To the Journal editor:

I don't know why gasoline prices are higher in Marquette, but given that this is a free market economy with open competition, I imagine that the stations try to keep prices as low as possible and still make a profit.

Otherwise the higher priced stations would quickly lose business to lower price stations and go out of business. At least that's the way our economy is supposed to work. And most people I know shop where the prices are lowest.

I think that some of the racist comments published in Mining Journal letters are sad, ignorant, and reprehensible. No one ethnic group or individual should be thought of in such negative stereotypes.

My biggest problem with the potential Keweenaw Bay Indian Community station opening up locally is that those who shop there won't be paying gasoline excise taxes. Our roads and bridges need continual maintenance and upgrading.

Those of us who use our highways have the responsibility to pay for that use. If we don't pay our taxes for roads and bridges, the burden will fall on others, and that just doesn't feel fair to me. I hope that gasoline prices go lower and cost us less, but I won't be shopping at stations that don't support the maintenance and upkeep of our roads and bridges.



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