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Journal thanks readers, community for support

Where we stand

June 17, 2012
The Mining Journal

We want to say thank you for the overwhelming support we have been receiving from the community relating to the story about the boycott that some gas stations are conducting by not selling The Mining Journal because they disapprove of our coverage about Marquette consistently having the highest gas prices in the state of Michigan.

If Marquette's gas prices weren't consistently higher than the state average or if Marquette prices were competitive with cities like Escanba, Houghton and Iron Mountain, we would not need to be doing the stories about the price of gas in Marquette. Until that happens, we will continue to ask questions.

For everyone who has asked what they can do to support us, we recommend that you don't do business with the gas stations that have discontinued selling The Mining Journal. Tell those stations that you no longer will do business with them until they put the newspaper back in the racks and also tell them you want them to be more competitive with their gas prices.

Please don't be rude to the clerks at these stations, however. The clerks who work at these stations don't have control over the price of gas or the decision to not sell The Mining Journal. Ask for the name of the owners of the gas stations and then voice your displeasure to them.

There are still many gas stations that are selling the newspaper and we will be running regular ads letting you know which stations are selling the paper and which ones are not.

We have more than 250 locations that sell single copies of The Mining Journal so you won't have to look far to find a place to get the newspaper. Many of these stations are known as convenience stations and if by not selling the Mining Journal at their stations they are inconveniencing you, then we recommend that you buy your gas and The Mining Journal at the stations that are selling both.

Just as the gas stations that pulled the newspaper have the right to not do business with The Mining Journal, you as a consumer have the right to decide where to buy your gas and convenience items.

We suspect that the same gas stations that have pulled the newspaper may be the stations that are involved in setting the price for gas in the Marquette area.

At times, serving as the community watchdog, we get caught in the middle of controversial issues. In this case, we have found overwhelming support for doing our job in trying to get fair gas prices for our area.

We appreciate the pledge of support we are receiving from our readers by purchasing The Mining Journal and by asking us to continue to serve in our capacity as the community watchdog. Rest assured that we will continue to report on the status of gas prices in our area.

Our coverage will hopefully include stories in the future that show that local gas station owners have heard from consumers and will become more competitive and will work toward more closely matching gas prices in Escanaba, Houghton, Iron Mountain and surrounding communities.



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