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Motorcyclists are wished best of luck

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April 22, 2012
The Huron Daily

Good luck, bikers

It's been a long time since motorcycle riders have been able to drive through the streets of Michigan with the wind blowing through their hair - and without a helmet.

But a law that has been in effect since 1970 is about to change after Gov. Rick Snyder signed his approval to a bill that has passed both the Michigan House and Senate.

The motorcycle helmet law has been cursed and praised since its inception. It is obviously saving motorcycle riders from more severe head injuries. But bikers say the responsibility should be theirs and they don't need the government to interfere with their ride.

Our brains tell us the helmet law is good for us and keeps state medical costs down. Our hearts tell us to leave bikers alone, it is they who are taking the chances.

A deciding factor in all this apparently is the trend of most Midwest states to turn away from helmet laws. The wind blowing through bikers' hair more freely is good for the economy, and we are almost certain to see more biker gatherings in the state.

There are some minor restrictions to the new law. Bikers must be at least 21 years old, carry additional medical insurance and have either two years of motorcycle experience or pass a safety course.

We say hats off to bikers, and good luck to them.

As for the rest of us, it is up to us to stay alert and keep our eyes open for bikers. Being hard to see is not an excuse to run into them or cross their paths.




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