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Advertising for university needs work

A Northern View

March 11, 2012
ADELLE?WHITEFOOT ( , The Mining Journal

I didn't hear about Northern Michigan University through a TV advertisement or the radio. I heard about it through a recruiter who came to my school my junior year.

To be honest, I signed up to see the recruiter to get out of class. Before I went to the meeting, I had no idea where NMU was. But after hearing about the campus and the wide variety of programs that they had, I decided to apply.

Lately, when I've traveled outside the Marquette area, I've started to hear more and more radio advertisements for NMU, which for some reason weirded me out. Maybe it's because I already go to NMU and I find it strange to hear an ad about the campus and programs. Or it could be because I'm just not used to it.

Before this year, I had only heard one other NMU radio ad. I was home for the summer after my freshman year and I realized about halfway through the ad I was singing along to the NMU fight song playing in the background.

That ad was old and I'm glad that NMU got new ones because that first one I heard would have never made me want to come to school here. Though some of the new ones aren't exactly the greatest, in my opinion.

Over the past month I've heard three different radio ads. The first one featured a teenager telling her parents about NMU and how they don't have to worry about cost because it's affordable.

The second had two teenagers talking in the cafeteria of their high school - one was telling the other about how great NMU was. They even mentioned the popular Humans versus Zombies game students play on campus, all while talking like teens supposedly would.

But both of those ads seemed extremely cheesy to me compared to the third one I heard where a lady talked about the programs and the many organizations NMU has. I thought that one was the best one.

If NMU really wants to veer away from ads like that and try to appeal to the younger crowd, I think it would be better for them to have an ad where a student who started their college career at NMU and is ending it there talks about why they love the campus and school.

Hearing a real student's story like that would make me think about NMU if I was in high school looking for the right college.

Editor's note: Northern Michigan University student and Mining Journal Staff Writer Adelle Whitefoot can be reached at 906-228-2500. Her email address is



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