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‘Big Bang’: Getting on the bandwagon

November 19, 2011
The Mining Journal


That's a word that helps me sort out fans of my favorite current television show from the uninitiated.

So if you recognize the first word of this column, you might be with me on being enamoured with "The Big Bang Theory," which airs on Thursday nights on CBS.

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First, I must confess it took me awhile to get on the "Big" bandwagon. The show aired for several seasons in its original Monday night time slot and I didn't watch it then.

But when I gave up cable for six months and was looking for entertainment, my friend Mary Beth loaned me the the first two seasons of the show on DVD.

Before long, the adventures of Dr. Sheldon Cooper and friends had me hooked. There aren't many shows on television that make me roar with laughter, but this is one that gets me every time.

Sheldon, portrayed by two-time Emmy winner Jim Parsons, is of great intelligence but little social skill. His friends Leonard, Howard and Raj are also brilliant minds who sometime struggle with human interaction, each in his own way.

The four are nerds, that word used with great admiration and respect.

The women on the show are a riot as well, led by the underrated Kaley Cuoco as across-the-hall neighbor, Penny, a beautiful young woman from the Midwest who might sometimes seem a bit dimwitted but actually is quite perceptive in her own way.

The last few seasons of the show, the addition of the character Amy Farrah Fowler, played by former child star Mayim Bialak, has sent the show to new comedic heights. Her character and Sheldon's are "dating" in their own nerdy way and the result is bust-a-gut laughter.

My enthusiasm for the show is apparently shared by many, with "The Big Bang Theory" consistently finishing in the Top 10 of the weekly Nielsen ratings.

Another sign of its appeal is an email I received earlier this month from a company which produces two collectible items tied to the show. "Big Bang" lovers will love these: Soft Kitty T-shirts and "singing" plushies.

For those who haven't yet discovered this fabulous show, "Soft Kitty" is the lullaby Sheldon's memaw (grandmother) sang to him during his childhood years when he was sick. It has been a plot point in several episodes.

Now "Big Bang" fans can have their own Ts and kitties (a soft plush toy that sings the lullaby), just in time for Christmas.

For those who'd like to check these items out, visit Or look at the photo that accompanies this column, a snap of the T-shirt sample which came to me in the mail here at the Journal.

The shirt was many sizes too small for me, so it has been passed along to a beautiful young friend of mine, Brooke Biery, another true fan of Sheldon and the crew.

As for bazinga, it's what Sheldon says when he puts one over on someone.

And I say bazinga to anyone who doesn't at least check out the smartest funny show on TV. Give "The Big Bang Theory" a try if you need a good laugh.

Renee Prusi can be contacted at 906-228-2500, ext. 253. Her email address is

Renee Prusi can be contacted at 906-228-2500, ext. 253. Her email address is



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