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Who cares who wins titles?

April 25, 2011
By CRAIG REMSBURG - Senior Sports Writer ( , The Mining Journal

When it comes to the Detroit Red Wings, a whole lot of Upper Peninsula NHL fans hope Mike Babcock's team wins the Stanley Cup in June.

We'll be cheering the Wings through the remainder of their Cup run.

We'll talk about the team's previous postseason game, look forward to the next contest and stay up longer than we should on a work night to watch their games on TV when the Wings play in a Western time zone.

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It's all part of being a Wings fan.

But what if the Wings (gulp) don't win the Cup? Or even make it to the semifinals or finals?

What team would we root for to win it all? Would we even care?

I suppose the Vancouver Canucks winning it all would tweak my interest, since a Canadian team hasn't won the Cup since Montreal did it in 1993.

Other than that, I don't really care. Sure, a true NHL fan would be interested in the Stanley Cup final series whoever plays. But it wouldn't hold the same meaning or interest for me if the Wings don't make it that far.

My sports-savvy teenage sons often ask me prior to a major championship game like the Super Bowl or the NCAA men's basketball finale which team I'd like to see win.

You'd think they'd quit asking when my stock answer for years has been "I don't care. I just want to see a good game."

I guess that's because it has been many years since the Lions (1957), the Tigers (1984) and the Pistons (2004) have won pro titles.

There are some teams I DON'T want to see win it all, like the New York Yankees (for obvious reasons), Miami Heat (for its "three-headed monster") and - yes, I'll say it - the Green Bay Packers (with all those Cheesehead fans in the office).

TV networks broadcasting the title game or championship series try to make us care who's playing. It's all about ratings.

But how much would you care if the Indiana Pacers play the New Orleans Bobcats for the NBA title?

Or the Toronto Blue Jays meet the Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series?

Or the Buffalo Sabres take on the Nashville Predators for the Stanley Cup?

OK, the three of you can put your hands down.

There might be some sentiment for seeing underdogs in the finals or championship game just as a reminder that the deck is not stacked for the teams that seemingly win all the time.

But would it be enough to keep our interest over a long series? I think not.

Kobe Bryant is fun to watch. So is Albert Pujols. Ditto for twin icers Daniel and Henrik Sedin.

But only for a while before watching them gets tiresome.

If the Wings, Tigers, Pistons and Lions don't make it to their sport's championship game/series, then I probably won't have much interest in who plays.

Well, maybe I'll watch the Super Bowl game, no matter who plays (assuming there's such a game this season).

Those Super Bowl TV ads can be entertaining.

Craig Remsburg can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 251. His email address is



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