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New cell phone may be evil omen

Northern State of Mind

December 5, 2010

You could say I'm like every other 20- year-old girl in America when it comes to my cell phone. I always, always, always have it with me.

I use it not just as a way to make calls, but for a day planner, a way to check my e-mail, and as an alarm clock. Basically, I would be lost without it.

Last week my cell phone plan was up for renewal. This meant that I could get a new phone at a very cheap price. I went with the Samsung Reality for 97 cents-a $1.03 with tax. It's my very first touchscreen phone.

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As is the case when I?get any new piece of technology, I'm still learning how to use it.

I've got the day planner figured out and, of course, I know how to send and receive calls. But everything else is still a little bit sketchy.

Monday night I set my alarm on my phone for 7:15 a.m. I had an 8 a.m. class on Tuesday that I had to be up for.

But when I woke up - unnassisted -Tuesday morning, I rolled over to see that it was 7:40 a.m. Instead of activating my alarm for Tuesday, it turns out I deactivated it.

Waking up a tad bit late would usually not be that big of a deal. On a normal school morning I would have just pony-tailed my hair, thrown on a sweatshirt and sprinted out the door.

But, of course to ad to the chaos, my group was presenting a business plan in front of the class Tuesday and we just happened to be the first group in line.

Still half asleep, I fumbled into my closest and searched for something to wear. I managed to find a gray sweater with the word "LIVE" written across the front.

I pony-tailed my hair, brushed my teeth, threw on some lip gloss and called it good. I didn't even look in the mirror to make sure I looked put together. There was simply no time for that.

By the time I ran into class, my group was already presenting. Frantically, I tossed my bags down and went to the front.

As I was attempting to catch my breath, I looked down at my shirt and realized it was inside out.


So instead of my shirt saying "LIVE" it said "EVIL." Oops.

Editor's note: Chelsey Roath is a student at Northern Michigan University. Her weekly column on college life in Marquette runs on Sundays. Her e-mail is



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