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Supports Mike Lahti

October 9, 2010
The Mining Journal

To the Journal Editor:

I write today in support of Mike Lahti for state senate. My reasons are as convincing as they are factual, and while I have some respect for some of Mr. Casperson's record, I truly believe that he is not going to serve us as well as Mr. Lahti would.

Mr. Casperson missed votes on the Hire Michigan First plan, which would have required companies getting tax credit to hire Michigan workers. This was not just a single instance; Mr. Casperson has actually been consistent in opposing efforts aiming to prevent companies who outsource Michigan jobs from getting tax cuts. In fact, he claimed it a good idea to give our tax dollars to companies that literally deprive Michigan workers by sending jobs not only out of state but, indeed, out of America. I find no excuse for such negligence.

NMU is one of the major employers in Marquette, not to mention a source of pride to us all, and when he was a state rep he voted to "ostensibly" balance the budget. He did it with total insensitivity to such a simple and glaring fact, thus harming the students and all those who serve them, to the tune of $10 million. When compared to Mr. Lahti's record on the same subject, one cannot possibly miss the glaring difference.

The same was true when he voted to close the Newberry correction facility, causing many U.P. families to scramble for income. It does appear to me that Mr. Casperson's record shows his tendency to blindly follow his party poetics instead of serving those who live in his district. Frankly, this gives me great pause and greater skepticism about what he will do if elected, and even more seriously, how will he do his deeds.

His opponent, Mr. Lahti, is someone who has proven with hard work and dedication as a small businessman that he knows very well how to create jobs instead of burying them. His voting record when he was a state rep confirmed his skills and his ideas. He is someone with a record to prove that his commitment to the economic growth of our district is glaringly better than that of Mr. Casperson, which is why he shall get my vote and my support.

Mohey Mowafy




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