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Where is civil behavior?

October 7, 2010
The Mining Journal

To the Journal Editor:

What has became of our nation? I am ashamed of the rhetoric that I hear daily in political ads. We no longer use somewhat negative ads. We have truly crossed the line. I daily hear sarcasm, partial truths, guilt by association and what can only be called plain meanness.

I no longer am confused as to why there is no compromise in solving the problems of our nation. It seems our politicians only want to paint the "other" party as being without a hint of intelligence. So enter the tea party. From them I hear only more of the same.

What has happened to civil behavior? What has happened to trying to find common ground? What has happened to trying to find answers that will benefit the American citizen? If we really want to solve problems it's time to give up on being the

only one that knows that's right and start to listen to our fellow citizens and find a way to work together. We have enough problems that need solving. Working together we might actually be able to cross a few off the list.

Come on, make us proud. Stop the stupid attacks. Someone step up and tell us you are willing to compromise. Tell us you are not so set in your ways that you can't listen to and understand another point of view. Tell us neither your pride, nor party loyalty, will keep you from finding a solution from which all can benefit.

I'm waiting for that person. I want to vote for you. Are you out there?

Dawn Kangas




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