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Undisputable facts

September 27, 2010
The Mining Journal

To the Journal Editor:

In politics, many Democrats and Republicans are entrenched in their opinions about which party they'll vote for. Right or wrong doesn't matter - they'll vote straight party. Politicians know this. Consequently, they target independents, as this voting group always determines every election.

This letter is directed to those who don't fall into the "I've made up my mind, don't confuse me with facts" category. I'm not going to throw mud at one candidate, hoping you'll vote for the other. After all, they both have family and loved ones who don't want to hear negative campaigning. I'll simply present some facts showing the differences between the two candidates, allowing you to choose the candidate that will best represent your ideals.

Undisputable fact 1: When it comes to deflecting a direct question, politicians are Phi Beta Kappa. Consequently, their voting record becomes paramount in determining exactly where they stand on each issue.

Fact 2: Small business, not corporations, are the heartbeat of the economy, creating nearly 70 percent of all jobs today. Consequently, every legislator should consider small business when crafting every bill. The National Federation of Independent Business is an organization that leads the way as a small business advocate. According to NFIB, Mr. Lahti votes against small business 91 percent of the time, while Mr. Casperson voted to support small businesses 100 percent of the time. You can find this information on the NFIB website.

Fact 3: In 2007 Mr. Lahti voted to increase business taxes. He then voted for a 22 percent surcharge above that tax increase. Tom Casperson voted against all increases.

Fact 4: There have been proposals to increase regulations for the sportsman. Land use regulations were proposed as to where you could take four-wheelers, what trails could be used, etc. Mr. Lahti voted for more regulations. Tom Casperson opposed more regulation.

Fact 5: In the developing "Go Green" mindset, it's easily seen we must mind our P's and Q's regarding the environment. However, many radical environmental groups don't just want strict controls of emissions, they want things to stop, period! Mr. Lahti's voting record shows that he's backed these radical environmentalists. Tom Casperson supports environmental controls, yet isn't interested in throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Don't vote Democrat or Republican because that's what you've always done. Use the candidates' records to vote for your own best interests. Clearly, Tom Casperson has your interest in mind.

Peter M. Sundholm

Rapid River



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