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Two positions questioned

September 27, 2010
The Mining Journal

To the Journal Editor:

To prove credibility of my statements, I volunteered as the Republican county chair for the year 2009, I organized two Tea Parties, spoke at five, and I collected 1,500 signatures petitioning to audit the Federal Reserve. Originating with me and through my initiative, I organized every Tea Party organization in the 1st Congressional District into an allegiance beneath a sworn oath of values on Jan. 30.

I have walked away in dismay. The unpleasant sentiments stem from being overcome by individuals resolutely desiring to return to 2006 and not 1776.

Proof that the old guard Republicans are merely rebranding the same product are here:

1. The elected candidate, Dan Benishek, maintains two positions which are inconsistent with a constitutionally limited government. He holds a meek standing on the premier issue of auditing and abolishing the Federal Reserve. Not on his website or in advertisements is this issue championed.

Remember that the Federal Reserve is responsible for the 94 percent devaluation of our dollar since 1913 and a doubling of the monetary supply between 2008 and 2010 - which shall bring severe inflation. It is the greatest enabler of a leviathan government and our largest expense.

Mr. Benishek, prove your vigor and showcase this cause!

Secondly, he mimics his party and refuses to end the financial disaster known as the war on terror. America cannot afford eternal occupation of threatening countries. Remember Rome? An empire which outlays far too great of resources abroad will collapse from within. It is time to admit we cannot financially afford perpetual war. Alternative solutions have been offered and remain un-utilized.

Mr. Benishek, demonstrate great foresight and call our troops home to prepare for defense our country. Reject global policing, occupation of countries and protection for corporate natural resource acquisition.

2. The Pledge to America proposes not revolutionary change of errant government but mere re-prioritizing. Paraphrased: "We won't spend money on domestic issues; we will spend infinitely on global military presence. We insist no tax hikes and we'd cut spending to... 2006 levels. Cuts mustn't impact defense, or current entitlements. We urge transparency of Congress, yet lack nerve to address the paramount need to audit then abolish the Federal Reserve.."

Display that you are not new ink on an old stamp. Stand apart and proudly state your views in no uncertain terms, in public and in print, for these two position which I have questioned.

Eric Cadeau




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