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Distance won’t hurt friendship

September 26, 2010

It's a fact of life: just because two people are best friends doesn't mean they choose to go down the same paths in life.

Growing up, Carissa and I were best friends. When we were younger, we found ourselves acting like we were the same person. We joined the same sports, shopped at the same stores, and fixed our hair the same.

But by graduation, things started to change. We started to develop our own goals and into our own unique identities.

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I went off to Northern to purse my dream of being a journalist.

She chose a different path. It was in her best interest to stay in Iron Mountain and attend Bay College to get her nursing degree. As much as I hated parting ways, I knew that we would stay in touch. After all, Iron Mountain is only an hour and a half away from Marquette.

The past few years we have been able to stay in touch by visiting each other on the weekends and calling each other whenever we needed a shoulder to cry on.

I'll admit there have been times when she has driven up in the middle of the night just to make sure I was OK. But, hey, what are friends for?

This summer Carissa got married. I couldn't have been more happy for her. Her husband is fantastic and they make each other really happy. Plus, I knew her marriage wouldn't change our relationship as friends - or so I thought.

Her husband is a soldier serving in Korea. He will be stationed there for the next two years. As any good wife would, Carissa is moving to Korea to be with him.

This will but a damper on our late night drives to Iron Mountain and back.

It's hard.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I'm not sad. It's not easy watching my best friend go off into the world without me. But she's chasing her dreams.

We'll stay in touch via Facebook and Skype. I know that no matter where in the world we may be, we will always be best friends.

And for now, I'm going to remain in Marquette, chasing my dreams. If anything exciting happens, I'm sure she will be just as happy for me as I am for her.

After all, she's only a phone call away.

Editor's note: Chelsey Roath is a student at Northern Michigan University. Her weekly column on college life in Marquette runs on Sundays. Her e-mail is



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