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Bad vacation weather = Good television time

Morning, UP

September 11, 2010

Vacations fly by too quickly and I don't think too many people would argue with me on that point.

Thankfully, my most recent vacation - which ended when I returned to work Wednesday - was wonderful. The weather, at least to start the time off, was fabulous.

The wind storm and cold snap toward the end wasn't so swell, but it did afford time to check in with what's up on television. Here are a few things I observed:

1. Pillow Pets are darn cute... Is it wrong that I want one of those? Yes, my birthday last week put me at age 52 - or as my friend and classmate Sandy said, finally at a full deck. But the commercials for the pets that unfold into pillows, while targeted at youngsters as users and their parents/grandparents as purchasers, drew me in. The only problem? Most of them are so adorable, I cannot decide which one I want most.

2. A brat is a brat... and I am not talking sausages. Two commercials got on my last nerve. One is for Trident gum and has kids intentionally doing something wrong, like shooting objects into the neighbor's yard or putting makeup on a younger brother. Apparently, this behavior is somehow OK because the offending youngsters were fighting cavities by chewing Trident. To which I offer a mature "nah-uh!" Misbehaving is not cute no matter what commercials or YouTube seems to want us to believe.

The other brat commercial contains far worse behavior. A little boy, with the opening lyrics stating "You look like an angel..." tears up his toys, his yard and his home. He throws things, spills things and the like. Then it gets to the gist of the song: "Devil in Disguise."

Cute? NOT! It's a commercial for the Nissan Altima and its effect, on me at least, is to want to avoid that terror and that car.

Yes, kids will be kids. But glorifying purposeful bratty behavior is abhorrent.

3. No matter how fine Shermar Moore may be... It's not a good idea to watch a "Criminal Minds" marathon if you expect to have sweet dreams. It's a show I never once watched in its original prime time airings. But the reruns on A&E have hooked me in. Intriguing, yes, but downright disturbing.

Probably I should stick to "NCIS" reruns on USA. Mark Harmon is still well worth tuning in for and the stories, while entertaining, aren't as freaky.

4. The new "Hawaii 5-0" is being promoed more than 5-0 times an hour... or so it seems, anyway. The show does appeal to me. Alex O'Loughlin, yes. Scott Caan, yes. Daniel Day-Kim, YES! The theme song? Catchy. But kind of annoying after it's heard for 5-0 times in an evening. It will be great to have the new TV season start already.

5. Wild animals are adorable... well, in the Traveler's commercial, anyway. The ad, if you've missed it, has a jingle about getting along and shows all sorts of species of animals hanging out together, enjoying each other's company. "Take the scary out of life" is part of the tagline for the ad. It's a sweet thought and a gentle little ad.

It's far more appealing than a tyke flushing his toy car or the 51st blaring of the "Hawaii 5-0" theme song.

Now, if I just could get Mark Harmon to bring me a Pillow Pet...

Renee Prusi can be contacted at 906-228-2500, ext. 253. Her e-mail address is



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