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Team It’s Elementary

May 25, 2010
The Mining Journal

Helen Anderson of Sandy Knoll Elementary offered her thoughts on the Workplace Challenge:

- Why did you join the program?

I saw the program advertised in the Mining Journal last October and was immediately interested in this. I always want to start the new year with healthy eating and exercising - and then end up in April no closer to my goal. I was willing to try and create a team and actually move toward accomplishing my healthier lifestyle goal in this way.

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Helen Anderson

Age: 59
Cholesterol: 199 (was 198)
Blood pressure: 120/98 (was 128/90)
Blood Sugar: 93 (was 90)
Body Fat: 36.9% (was 42.2)
BMI: 26.2 (was 30.1)
Final Weight: 157.8 pounds
Weight Lost: 20.4 pounds

- Did you reach your goal?

No, but I am within a couple pounds of my goal and I felt my goal was ambitious, so I am very happy with what I have done with the help of this program and my team.

- How did you change your eating habits?

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Team stats:

Cholesterol: 161 (was 164);

Percent Body Fat: 28.8 (was 37.5); ?

BMI: 27 (was 29); ?

Final weight: 1,832 pounds;

Percent weight loss:?6.6

The online program through MGH helped me with this, along with the great information and meetings provided by Tracy Major, MGH dietician. Team members provided additional ideas and encouragement, as well as my personal commitment to change.

- What type of exercise routine did you participate in to aid in your weight loss?

The personal trainer provided by Advantedge Fitness and their circuit training classes offered were excellent. I firmly believe the exercise part of this program was crucial to accomplishing my goals. The weight training and classes are something I never want to let go of again. We had the personal trainer for one hour, two days a week and attended the circuit class weekly. I walked two or three times a week in addition to this for 30 to 60 minutes.

- What was the biggest obstacle to overcome?

This program was all so good, I can't think of anything as an obstacle. The biggest obstacle would have to have been my decision to actually participate in the program and attempt to put a team together. Once I made the choice to do this, everything else fell into place due to the excellent efforts of MGH, The Mining Journal, and Advantedge Training and the excitement of our team and what we were working towards.

- What kind of feedback have you received from the publicity of being a participant in the program? Who have you influenced to lose weight?

Throughout the program I have been approached from people at church, at work, at the dog park, and throughout the community about the program. I received so many encouraging, positive comments and each contact gave me an opportunity to share the wonderful benefits of the program and the things I was learning about healthy eating, ongoing exercise, and encouraging others on this healthy lifestyle journey. I never received any negativity from the publicity and am so grateful to The Mining Journal for sponsoring and supporting this. The reporters and photographers were so professional and friendly, it was a totally positive experience.

My husband, Bruce, was encouraged by the program and currently is at the lowest weight he has been at in years due to healthier eating and consistent exercise.

- What are your plans to stay on track and continue this new healthy lifestyle in the future?

I am committed to continuing this lifelong journey and want to view the changes I have made as my new way of living. I love the way I feel and the way I look, and the new way I am fitting into my clothes. I am proud of me for accomplishing what I have done, as well as so grateful for all the support people around me have provided.

- Would you recommend this program to other people? Why?

Absolutely! This program is terrific! Tracy Major and Amy, Brian and all the trainers at Advantedge Fitness, Jim Reevs and the Mining Journal staff, Dr. Erica Griffin and her program are all motivating and complete professionals in their field. Their expertise and willingness to share great information and ideas makes this a wonderfully unique opportunity to move towards a healthier lifestyle. Thank you so much for this opportunity!



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