Richardson neighbor testifies

March 18, 2008
Mining Journal
This morning’s witnesses in the murder trial of Thomas David Richardson included a neighbor and a co-worker of Richardson.

The neighbor was the husband of Janette Ellens, who is Juanita Richardson’s sister. Duane Ellens testified that a disagreement had kept family members from talking to each other for about a year, up until the time of Juanita’s death.

Charles Carlington was a fellow FedEx truck driver who worked with Thomas Richardson. Carlington testified that he spoke to Richardson while he was in the Upper Peninsula on vacation with his wife. According to Carlington, Richardson said that he and his wife “were known to take chances” and they were planning to get some “cool pictures that the normal person doesn’t have” at destinations including Tahquamenon Falls. The Richardsons had previously lost numerous photographs in a trailer fire.


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