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Feeling confined to house because of neighbor’s kids

July 8, 2015 Dear Annie: How do I tell my neighbors that it’s annoying and frustrating to listen to their teenaged daughters shrieking and screaming as they’re having fun outside? Often, I want to go out and... more »»

Was he Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

July 3, 2015 Dear Annie: I recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years. I had been having doubts for a few months and one night he took me out for a surprise picnic. more »»

Woman can’t decide whether to speak or just keep the peace

July 2, 2015 Dear Annie: I am gay. Two years ago, my partner of 34 years told me that my brother-in-law had touched her breasts inappropriately. I didn’t believe her and we had a huge fight over it. more »»

Financial enabling not helping siblings

July 1, 2015 Dear Annie: My father passed away many years ago and my mother remarried and moved to a vacation home. However, she still owns the house we grew up in and two of my siblings now live there for free. more »»

Family troubles bother mom to no end

June 30, 2015 Dear Annie: I have two sons, both married with children, living in two different states. For several years, my older son “John” has refused to talk to his brother, “Teddy. more »»

Wife dealing with husband’s addictions

June 29, 2015 Dear Annie: Not long ago, I discovered that my husband of 25 years was living a completely secret life. more »»

Dad’s affair an issue in family

June 26, 2015 Dear Annie: My father-in-law “Ron” is having an affair. At first I was not sure, but now I have proof, and my husband has seen his father with this woman, as well. more »»

Wife disappointed in discussion depth

June 25, 2015 Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for nine years. When we were dating, we had the best conversation. more »»

Dad’s financial matters worry daughter

June 24, 2015 Dear Annie: My father is starting to have trouble managing his banking. more »»

Bulletin Board

June 24, 2015 L’Anse lakefront concerts continue L’ANSE — The L’Anse Lakefront Concerts 2015 season continues with the eclectic string band dance music of the Monday Night All-Stars Thursday. more »»

Is one-year anniversary party inappropriate?

June 22, 2015 Dear Annie: Is it unorthodox to have a one-year anniversary party? A friend of mine was married last summer. By November, she had created a save-the-date on Facebook for a one-year anniversary part. more »»

Who picks movies bugs friend

June 19, 2015 Dear Annie: For the past 20 years, a good female friend of mine and I have gotten together every few weeks for walks, lunch and movies. The problem is, whenever we go to the movies, she always picks. more »»

Terrible loss haunts good friend

June 18, 2015 Dear Annie: Recently, I insisted a dear friend move into my home so I could help him after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After a lengthy surgery, doctors managed to remove i. more »»

Loud, drunk neighbor causing trouble

June 17, 2015 Dear Annie: A couple of years ago, my husband and I introduced ourselves to our new neighbor. more »»

Friend being duped by online suitors

June 16, 2015 Dear Annie: My friend, “Josie,” recently joined a popular online dating site after her husband decided he’d rather be single. more »»

New husband’s behavior troubling

June 12, 2015 Dear Annie: Two years ago, I married “Will.” We were both widowed. I had a good job, a nice home and a car. more »»

Ex-girlfriend causing much grief for wife

June 11, 2015 Dear Annie: I am confused about how to handle my husband’s ex-girlfriend, who shows up at his family funerals and stays three hours at the visitation hanging with my husband and reminiscing about th... more »»

Mom’s attitude about dad baffles daughter

June 10, 2015 Dear Annie: My dad died two years ago. He was 73. Mom misses him so much. When we visit, she talks about all the nice things Dad used to do. This makes me sic. more »»

Graduation summons troubling mindset

June 9, 2015 Dear Annie: Graduation is coming up, and I don’t know what to do. You see, most of the seniors aren’t qualified to graduate at all. Some of them have been truant for half of the years they were her. more »»

Does he deserve another chance?

June 8, 2015 Dear Annie: I’ve been good friends with “Barney” for 10 years. During that time, we’ve had an on-and-off romantic relationship. more »»



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