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Out-of-control son must be checked

September 23, 2015 Dear Annie: I took early retirement and moved in with my son and daughter-in-law in order to help care for my five grandkid. more »»

Family situation vexing for all

September 22, 2015 Dear Annie: My 31-year-old daughter, her boyfriend and my 13-year-old granddaughter have lived with my husband and me for the past 10 years. I never thought they would stay this long. more »»

Concerned with child’s bad habit of hoarding

September 21, 2015 Dear Annie: Our daughter and her husband are major hoarders. They have two teenage children who have to climb over things to get into their beds. Every room has piles of junk. more »»

Interviewers need to be professional

September 20, 2015 Dear Annie: I recently had a job interview for a teaching position. I drove four hours for this interview and was willing to relocate for the position. more »»

Ex-hubby shouldn’t have key to house

September 18, 2015 Dear Annie: My wife gave her ex (her son’s father) a key to our home without telling me. I found out when I got home and he was sitting in our living room surfing the web on my laptop. more »»

BF’s brother getting in the way

September 17, 2015 Dear Annie: I have been seeing my boyfriend, “John,” for more than a year and love him very much. more »»

Should mom-in-law pay for car damage?

September 15, 2015 Dear Annie: Last summer, our family spent all of our time helping my newly widowed mother-in-law fix up her large home, which had become run down during her husband’s long illnes. more »»

Woman feels like she’s lost her daughter

September 14, 2015 Dear Annie: I was divorced many years ago and raised my daughter primarily on my own because my ex-husband was an alcoholic. When I left him, I was financially responsible for my daughter. more »»

Man can’t keep his hands to himself

September 11, 2015 Dear Annie: I am a widow in my 80s. I recently was introduced to a widower who seemed friendly and had a good sense of humor. He asked me out for dinner and the conversation went well. more »»

Bulletin Board

September 11, 2015 Magnaghi book discussion set MARQUETTE — Join historian and author Russell M. more »»

Ex, his family, causing heartache for children

September 9, 2015 Dear Annie: Our oldest son married the most wonderful woman. “Kate” has two children from a previous marriage, ages 8 and 3, both of whom we love dearl. more »»

Friend’s loss of sympathy troubling

September 8, 2015 Dear Annie: I have been friends with “Rhonda” for decades. She has always been a dear friend, but lately, she seems to have no sympathy for anyone. more »»

Lifelong friend has become very difficult to be around

September 5, 2015 Dear Annie: I have been friends with “Rhonda” for decades. She has always been a dear friend, but lately, she seems to have no sympathy for anyone. more »»

Man’s sexual past a worry to current wife

September 4, 2015 Dear Annie: I’ve been in a relationship for five years with a guy who has been very enjoyable company. However, in the past 18 months, rumors have surfaced about him being bisexual. more »»

Boss has become office bore

September 3, 2015 Dear Annie: I work in an office with nine other people. For some reason, my boss likes to share every boring detail of her personal life with us. more »»

Husband fell hard for tattooed biker girl

September 2, 2015 Dear Annie: After 14 years of marriage, my husband, “Ron,” left me for another woman. Here’s how it happened: For several years, friends had dinner with us once a week. more »»

Letting 14-year-old drive questioned

September 1, 2015 Dear Annie: My family has lost their minds and is letting my 14-year-old nephew drive around on open roads, sometimes in busy areas. He drives with his mother and grandmothe. more »»

Not sure whether or not to relocate

August 31, 2015 Dear Annie: I’m a clean-cut, middle-aged gay guy living in a midsized city in Florida. My partner of six years lives in Boston. We have a great long-distance relationship. more »»

Parents seem to be overlooking son

August 28, 2015 Dear Annie: My parents own a good amount of land in their native country. When I was growing up, they paid for my tuition but were not very supportive emotionally. I sponsored them to come to the U.S. more »»

Facebook invite confuses writer

August 27, 2015 Dear Annie: I am a 27-year-old woman and have been verbally invited to a few weddings this year. For one, we were told to “save the date” a year in advance. more »»



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