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Wife’s behavior toward husband is abusive

April 15, 2016 Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for five years and we have two children. In the past year, she has been exceptionally critical and unloving. I work full time. more »»

Student upset because of failed class

April 14, 2016 Dear Annie: I am a middle school student, and I signed up for drama at the beginning of the semester. I’ve been working really hard at it. The problem is, I failed one of my classes (out of seven). more »»

Poem for July 4 commemoration sought

April 13, 2016 Dear Annie: I just heard about your contest to write a poem for July 4 that is more balanced, and that mentions women, as well as men. more »»

Friends need to stop talking and listen

April 12, 2016 Dear Annie: I spent two hours on the phone yesterday with a friend who can talk nonstop and rarely requires a response. I have another friend like this and it’s exhaustin. more »»

Learning to roll with the changes of parenthood

April 11, 2016 Dear Annie: I am writing about “Crying Mother,” who views her formerly loving and involved daughter-in-law as “cold and distant” now that the children are older. more »»

Son’s bad habits coming home to roost

April 8, 2016 Dear Annie: Our 46-year-old son is bright, caring and an all-around good guy. more »»

People are too friendly with pooch

April 7, 2016 Dear Annie: While my leashed dog and I are bonding and enjoying our time together, people will virtually block our way and — without asking me — begin to vigorously pet my dog and interact directly... more »»

Bulletin Board

April 7, 2016 PWPL film series set to show ‘Ida’ MARQUETTE — CineArts Films at Peter White Public Library, a series devoted to foreign and independent films, presents the 2015 Academy Award winning foreign film... more »»

Don’t let couple take advantage

April 6, 2016 Dear Annie: We’re in a pickle. We’ve spent the past winter in a wonderful retirement area. We’ve gone out to dinner with some neighbors and had a nice time. more »»

Alcohol problems almost derailed career, life

April 5, 2016 Dear Annie: I always had an exaggerated response to alcohol and could never have just one drink. The first time I ever tried drinking was when I was 14 years old and I got drunk. more »»

Youngest child tired of feeling like the ‘family mistake’

April 4, 2016 Dear Annie: I am a 12-year-old boy, and I hate my life. I am the youngest of five, but there is a huge age difference. My siblings are aged 29 to 35. My parents are in their mid-50s. more »»

Everyone watch out, here comes grandma!

April 3, 2016 Dear Annie: My younger sister and I are young adults currently living with our grandparents to ease the commute to school and work. more »»

Readers weigh in on those who never return from war

April 2, 2016 Dear Annie: I read the letter from “Too Little, Too Late,” whose Vietnam vet husband is robotic and unaffectionate. This sounds like my husband. more »»

Addicted daughter source of worry

March 30, 2016 Dear Annie: I have a beautiful daughter who is in rehab for drug addiction. For the past two years, she has had an abusive boyfriend who also encouraged her drug use. more »»

Fires caused by loose batteries pose a danger

March 29, 2016 Dear Annie: A friend recently lost his home in a fire, and said the reason was two 9-volt batteries that were loose in a drawer. The fire occurred while they weren’t home. more »»

Frightened grandma wants to protect grandchild

March 28, 2016 Dear Annie: I adopted two older children from different orphanages and now they are grown adults. more »»

Tragic accident sparks family issues

March 25, 2016 Dear Annie: I belong to a large group of friends across several states who get together often to camp and ride motorcycles. Recently, one couple in our group had a terrible accident. more »»

Old flame causing new problems

March 24, 2016 Dear Annie: My husband’s high school sweetheart (from 30 years ago) refuses to let go of the past and move on. “Donna” tried to get my husband to cheat on his first wife and he declined. more »»

Shower ‘peeker’ was out of line

March 23, 2016 Dear Annie: This evening, I went to the local YMCA to swim. When I was through, I showered, as I always do, since I go back to work afterward. more »»

Roommate has bad personal habits

March 22, 2016 Dear Annie: I live with a friend who wants the house to be neat all of the time. But his personal habits are disgusting. more »»



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