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Younger brother needs help coping with older brother’s absence

November 12, 2015 Dear Annie: I am a 12-year-old boy with a problem. My dad died when I was a baby, so it’s just my mom, my 22-year-old brother “Jason” and me. Mom works two jobs, so I don’t see her that much. more »»

Mom has an eating disorder

November 11, 2015 Dear Annie: My mother has never been a big eater, but in the past year, she seems to have developed a serious eating disorder. At age 62, she skips meals regularly and has shrunk to a bony 90 pound. more »»

Man is lonely without his wife

November 10, 2015 Dear Annie: My wife and I have been together for 10 years and married for two. more »»

Woman concerned with boyfriend’s creepy habits

November 9, 2015 Dear Annie: An old flirtation recently resurfaced in my life, and we’ve enjoyed getting reacquainted. There’s even a possibility of a long-term relationshi. more »»

Sister will never stop competing with me

November 7, 2015 Dear Annie: Even though my older sister and I are in our senior years, I believe that she has never overcome her competitiveness and resentment toward me. more »»

New bride’s behavior is baffling

November 6, 2015 Dear Annie: My 28-year-old son, “Jack,” was married six weeks ago. He and his bride have known each other since high school, so I thought I knew her pretty wel. more »»

Family caregivers need break from mom

November 5, 2015 Dear Annie: I have been taking care of my mother since I was 17 and she was disabled from a car accident and unable to work. I am now 47, and Mom is 7. more »»

Ask husband about porn habit

November 4, 2015 Dear Annie: I have been married to “Bruno” for 40 years. During this time, I have found his various porn magazines hidden in multiple places. more »»

Parents tough on youth cell phone usage

November 3, 2015 Dear Annie: I am a 12-year-old who just got my cellphone. My parents are extremely controlling about the limits of my using it. more »»

Personal issue keeps man from seeking love

November 2, 2015 Dear Annie: I am a 60-year-old divorced male. I am decent looking, financially secure, have a lot of close friends, and am fun and interesting. Yet I haven’t dated in 25 years. more »»

Husband can’t keep his eyes off other women

November 1, 2015 Dear Annie: I have been with “Jim” for almost a year. He asked me to marry him, and I said yes. The problem is, Jim never stops looking at other women when we are out. more »»

Fuming over freeloaders

October 31, 2015 Dear Annie: My husband’s parents are wonderful people in their late 70s, but I am concerned that their kindness is being abused by my brother-in-law, “Dan,” and his wife, “Jane. more »»

Mother-in-law’s behavior is crazy

October 30, 2015 Dear Annie: My husband and I have been happily married for 20 years. After the kids were grown, we decided to downsize. We put our home on the market and moved to a different state. more »»

Friends in need overstay welcome

October 29, 2015 Dear Annie: An acquaintance recently lost his job, and we invited him and his wife to move into our home on a temporary basis. more »»

Guilt is eating woman up alive

October 28, 2015 Dear Annie: I am a good person. I always try to do the right thing. But I did something stupid, and it could cost me my job and the respect I have earne. more »»

Teen lacking social skills seeks normalcy

October 26, 2015 Dear Annie: I am very antisocial. I don’t go to parties as often as most teens, I hardly ever invite friends over, and the few friends I do have no longer attend the same school. more »»

Woman worried about friend’s safety

October 23, 2015 Dear Annie: Two nights ago, I witnessed my best friend being verbally abused by her boyfriend. The boyfriend was drunk and probably doing something illegal. more »»

Seniors who love pets have concerns

October 22, 2015 Dear Annie: My wife and I are in our mid-70s and have no children. However, we have had pets, mostly cats, for all of our 50 years togethe. more »»

Dysfunctional family strikes once again

October 20, 2015 Dear Annie: My family is very dysfunctional because of my mother’s poor parenting and her history of playing favorites. I maintain minimal contact with my siblings. more »»

Can’t get over ‘Ms. Amazing’

October 19, 2015 Dear Annie: About four years ago, after 17 years of marriage (no children), working full time, having a part-time cleaning job, doing 90 percent of the housework and doing 80 percent of the yard... more »»



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