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Noise bugs neighbor

January 19, 2016 Dear Annie: You’ve printed a few letters in response to the one from “W,” who said her neighbor is overly sensitive to noise. This neighbor may have a mental health issu. more »»

Is it me, or are all these guys exactly the same?

January 18, 2016 Dear Annie: I am a 23-year-old female who recently moved to a new town. I have met a few guys, but it never seems to go anywhere. I can’t seem to find someone who wants anything more than se. more »»

Sexual orientation upsetting wife

January 15, 2016 Dear Annie: I met my husband in college. He was outgoing, handsome and a star athlete. We now have two beautiful babies and, I thought, a perfect marriage. more »»

Sibling getting cold shoulder

January 13, 2016 Dear Annie: Several years ago my brother-in-law died. He had been married to my older sister for 50 years. They had no children. more »»

Friends didn’t show much concern

January 12, 2016 Dear Annie: In October, I visited my family in France. Three weeks after I returned home, the terrorist attacks occurred. My husband was out of town and I was all alone. more »»

Man’s wife using sex against him

January 11, 2016 Dear Annie: I’m 48 and have been married to my beautiful wife for 21 years. Lately, whenever we argue, she will withhold sex. This could be anywhere from a week to three months. more »»

Tired of sister playing the victim

January 9, 2016 Dear Annie: I’m a 70-year-old woman, respectable, attractive, well-educated, retired and totally self-sufficient. I owe no one anything and ask for nothing. The problem is my famil. more »»

Boss out of line for threat to worker

January 7, 2016 Dear Annie: My pay isn’t great, but it’s better than minimum wage. more »»

Public nursing bothers reader

January 6, 2016 Dear Annie: Am I out of the loop or just a prude? It bothers me to see a mother cradling her infant child, one latching off and on to mom’s exposed breast? This was the recent scene in the crowded... more »»

Family forcing religion on sibling

January 5, 2016 Dear Annie: I was raised in a devout Catholic family. When my husband and I married 30 years ago, we independently decided to leave the religious fold, but we never imposed our views on others. more »»

Husband objects to wife’s nude modeling

January 4, 2016 Dear Annie: My wife and I are recently married, and we moved to a new town a year ago. Our neighbor is an art professor at a community college. more »»

Responses for ‘Between a golf ball and a hard place’

December 31, 2015 Dear Annie: I can’t believe your response to the letter from “Between a Golf Ball and a Hard Place,” saying that golf balls shouldn’t be cleaned in the kitchen sink. more »»

Woman has dilemma with black sheep of the family

December 29, 2015 Dear Annie: I am one of six sisters. We are all adults with children of our own. One lives in New Jersey and the others live in Florida, three of us in the same city. more »»

Enabling her daughter, or being a good mother?

December 28, 2015 Dear Annie: Our oldest daughter is married to a nice man and they have a sweet 2-year-old daughte. more »»

Adopted daughter giving couple fits

December 24, 2015 Dear Annie: My husband and I adopted our daughter from foster care when she was 1. more »»

Brother may be taking advantage

December 23, 2015 Dear Annie: After my dad died, my mom went to live out of state with my brother and his wife. My brother took control of everything. more »»

Bulletin Board

December 23, 2015 MRHC fundraiser scheduled MARQUETTE — The Marquette Regional History Center presents: “Incredible but True — Short Stories of the U.P.” as a fundraiser for MRHC. The presentation will be at 7 p.m. more »»

Giving neighbor rides appropriate

December 22, 2015 Dear Annie: My husband and I live in the house where I was raised. I feel fortunate that most of my neighbors are people I grew up with. One neighbor is a very good friend. more »»

Is husband wrong to be upset over act of kindness?

December 21, 2015 Dear Annie: My husband and I live in the house where I was raised. I feel fortunate that most of my neighbors are people I grew up with. One neighbor is a very good friend. more »»

Always having to keep our retired friends entertained

December 19, 2015 Dear Annie: My husband and I are at an age where many of our friends have retired. We have not. We started a business together five years ago, and fortunately, it is doing extremely well. more »»



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