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Memorial Day much more than just barbeques, long weekend

May 25, 2015 Dear Readers: Memorial Day has become a three-day holiday of picnics and cookouts. more »»

Marriage is about a little compromise

May 23, 2015 Dear Annie: Is there any end to it? I am 68 and have been married for 44 years. more »»

Feeling disrespected by boyfriend

May 22, 2015 Dear Annie: I’ve been seeing (and sleeping with) “Jordan” for eight months. We met at the gym, and I asked him out because I had an amazing feeling about him. more »»

Feeling pressured by her boyfriend

May 21, 2015 Dear Annie: I am 17 years old and still in high school. I recently became “Jake’s” girlfriend. We’ve been dating for about a week. more »»

What’s the proper etiquette on dining?

May 20, 2015 Dear Annie: I recently dated a woman who never offered to pay for a meal, a movie or so much as an ice cream cone. We went out several times. We’re both in our late 50s and earn good incomes. more »»

Woman seeks end to all the fighting

May 19, 2015 Dear Annie: I have been with “Joe” since his wife died nine years ago. The problem is, we have different styles of communication. At first, it wasn’t too bad. more »»

These people need etiquette lesson

May 18, 2015 Dear Annie: My daughter recently married for the first time. Her attendants were her three best friends. more »»

Dispute over politics causes rift with friend

May 16, 2015 Dear Annie: My best friend, “Clara,” and I have known each other for 30 years. We’re both retired and live in the same town. Neither of us has a husband. We talk on the phone every day. more »»

Shouldn’t the coupon be shared?

May 14, 2015 Dear Annie: I have a problem with one of my best friends, and I hope you can help. “Monique” and I recently split the cost of a hotel room so we could enjoy a weekend of shopping and relaxation. more »»

Is it wrong to expect courtesy?

May 13, 2015 Dear Annie: Last week, my husband and I were able to secure tickets to a movie that had been sold out for several weeks. more »»

Woman makes widow want to take another shot at love

May 12, 2015 Dear Annie: I’m a little confused about a recent development in my life. I’m a 69-year-old male. My wife died last summer after being in a nursing facility for nearly two years. more »»

Green-eyed monster has taken over my heart

May 11, 2015 Dear Annie: Many years ago, “Hazel” sat next to me in high school and apparently had a crush on me. (I had no clue.) She married someone else, and her husband passed away 20 years ago. more »»

Teen getting tired of always behaving well

May 8, 2015 Dear Annie: I am 17 years old. I have a job that requires I work only a few times a month, and the staff can trade shifts if they choose. I have been at this job for two years, and I enjoy it. more »»

Not even feeling like a close second

May 7, 2015 Dear Annie: I have been in a relationship with “Ted” for the past eight years. We each have adult children from previous marriages. Ted has always put his daughters ahead of me and our relationship. more »»

Do I owe my wife the truth?

May 6, 2015 Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 30 years. Before we met, I coerced a woman into having sex. I did not use physical force, but she did not give consen. more »»

Pajama gift not welcome

May 5, 2015 Dear Annie: I need to know whether I was out of line. My husband and I have been friends with “Nancy” for years. Last Christmas, she sent us pajamas as a gift. more »»

Husband isn’t being paid for his talents

May 4, 2015 Dear Annie: My husband graduated from a very prestigious art college. Early in his career, he gave away some paintings to close friends and family member. more »»

Don’t want future in-laws to be caught off-guard

May 1, 2015 Dear Annie: My youngest son is engaged to “Carol,” a lovely young lady. My oldest son, “Mitch,” lives out of state with his partner, “James.” Both are in the wedding part. more »»

Son’s ex-wife is loose cannon

April 30, 2015 Dear Annie: My son’s marriage broke up after 10 years. Twice they attended counseling because his wife wanted to see other men. The third time, she was actually dating another guy. more »»

Proper way to approach bridal gifts

April 29, 2015 Dear Annie: My brother is 42 and getting married for the first time. His bride-to-be has been married befor. more »»



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