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Divorce after long marriage is nasty

August 25, 2016 Dear Annie: I am a 70-year-old man with two adult sons. My wife and I divorced eight years ago after 30 years together. more »»

Flicker of co-worker romance going on

August 24, 2016 Dear Annie: I am a 31-year-young man with a question about a woman who is 28. This story started in August of last year with my asking this woman on a date. more »»

Mommy doesn’t know best

August 23, 2016 Dear Annie: I am currently unemployed and living with my parents. Because I have a disability, I am unable to do many of the jobs available locally. more »»

Organist to perform in U.P.

August 23, 2016 CRYSTAL FALLS — Dave Wickerham, world-renowned theater organist, will return to Crystal Theatre at 2 p.m. CDT Sunday. more »»

Shopping in the wrong aisle

August 22, 2016 Dear Annie: I have an embarrassing problem, and I don’t know what to do. I met a beautiful young woman who works in a local store. She is about 20 years younger than I a. more »»

Coaches have an obligation to quiet obnoxious parents

August 21, 2016 DEAR ABBY: I need some words of wisdom from you. This past weekend I went to see my 7-year-old nephew play baseball. These are all young kids just learning the gam. more »»

Woman has hard time deciding between two guys

August 21, 2016 Dear Annie: I am torn between two guys. I have liked Guy No. 1 for a while. I first saw him across a campus courtyard last fall, and I was smitten. more »»

Difficulty swallowing is not due to aging

August 21, 2016 DEAR DR. ROACH: My mother, who is in her late 70s and who always has enjoyed eating meat, can no longer do so. She says that she just has a hard time getting it dow. more »»

Coupon’s fine print is much too small, restrictive

August 21, 2016 Dear Readers: Today’s SOUND OFF is about a craft store’s coupons: “A fabric store sends out ‘valuable coupons’ for its patrons to us. more »»

How credit inquiries and co-signing can affect credit score

August 21, 2016 Dear Mary: My son is looking for an apartment near his new job in order to avoid a horrendous daily commute. more »»

Thank God I’m a country girl

August 20, 2016 Dear Annie: I just graduated from high school in Texas and will be heading to an Ivy League university in a couple of weeks. I graduated as one of the top students in my class. more »»

Former employer not good reference

August 19, 2016 Dear Annie: I am a college student in my early 20s. While applying for an internship recently, I contacted a former employer, “Lauren,” to ask whether she would act as a reference on my application. more »»

Rehearsal dinner is just too big

August 18, 2016 Dear Annie: Our son is marrying a lovely girl from out of state. “Jill’s” family offered to pay for the cost of the wedding, which is expected to have more than 200 guest. more »»

Friend’s wedding plan left much to be desired

August 17, 2016 Dear Annie: Two of my friends recently got married out in the countryside. more »»

Daughter’s finances in disarray

August 16, 2016 Dear Annie: I apparently failed as a parent at teaching my daughter financial responsibility. I raised her as a single parent and worked hard to provide for us. more »»

Anger doesn’t solve anything, but forgiveness may give peace

August 15, 2016 Dear Annie: I am writing to get your input on an issue I am unable to resolve or forget. Over 50 years ago, I began a friendship with a co-worker and his family that was close and personal. more »»

Stepdad is an evil man

August 13, 2016 Dear Annie: For almost a year now, I have been a caregiver to my elderly mother and her husband. My mother has dementia, but she really is no trouble to care for. The problem is her husband. more »»

‘Friend’ needs to become a former

August 12, 2016 Dear Annie: I need advice on how to sever a guy friendship that has become increasingly difficult. We first met on the golf course and played several rounds together. more »»

Sealed lips best bet in family drama

August 11, 2016 Dear Annie: My daughter-in-law is telling people that she is cheating on my son and that they are so far in debt they should file for bankruptcy. The person she told came to me and told me this. more »»

Son’s prospective wife a worry

August 10, 2016 Dear Annie: Our eldest son is getting married in three weeks to a gal who is 13 1/2 years younger (23). She has never been married but has a 4-year-ol. more »»



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