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Obama Dems lose big their bet on health care exchanges

July 27, 2014 Words mean what they say. That’s the basis for the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Halbig v. more »»

Obama’s relevance hangs on Dems in midterms

July 27, 2014 WASHINGTON — Congressional midterm elections, the poor cousin to presidential voting in the American political system, will take on a critical role for President Obama in November. more »»

AARP top exec backs Proposal 1 on ballot

July 27, 2014 AARP Michigan is among a diverse group of Michigan organizations urging passage of Proposal 1 on the Aug. 5 statewide ballo. more »»

Time to stop the fear mongering

July 26, 2014 The good news at the U.S. border with Mexico is that the flood of children from Central America crossing illegally, now totaling nearly 60,000, has slowed. more »»

Preserve lie or save lives — you pick

July 25, 2014 Days before two federal courts issued dueling interpretations of the Affordable Care Act, I came across a 1958 photo of my paternal grandmother and felt the familiar onslaught of what-ifs. more »»

Obama: Alleged leader of the free world

July 25, 2014 President Barack Obama must have missed his calling as head of the National Transportation Safety Board. more »»

Hillary’s adept at media bullying

July 24, 2014 Hillary Clinton’s $35 doorstop of a memoir is a flop. more »»

One man worth more than entire city?

July 24, 2014 A population of 100,000 is substantial. Five states don’t even have one metropolis that large. Some cities that size, like Fargo, North Dakota, are their state’s biggest. more »»

National treasures are being shortchanged

July 23, 2014 Fabulous vacations don’t come cheap. Hotels often run at least $100 a night, if not higher. more »»

Do blacks need government favors?

July 22, 2014 Earlier this month, the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act was celebrated. During the act’s legislative debate, then-Sen. more »»

Suing Obamacare is summer rerun

July 21, 2014 On television, summer reruns are becoming a thing of the past. Noting a jump in demand for fresh entertainment in the hot months, TV execs are responding with original programming. more »»

Obama pays the price for his inaction on immigration law

July 20, 2014 The flood of underage — and non-underage — illegal immigrants from Central America coming across the border in Texas is, to paraphrase a former Obama administration official, a “man-caused disaste. more »»

Cleveland could be good for GOP, if ...

July 20, 2014 You needn’t be clairvoyant to deduce what the Democratic Party wants to run on in 2016. It really doesn’t matter whether their nominee is Hillary Clinton or someone else. more »»

The Get Obama show continues to go on

July 20, 2014 WASHINGTON — It’s beginning to seem like the longest running off-Broadway show, the Republican effort to end the Obama presidency prematurel. more »»

Meet the new Cleveland

July 18, 2014 Greetings from Cleveland, the birthplace of Superman. You knew that, right? Please say yes. Like so many here in this fine city, Superman was a complicated soul. more »»

Union drama happens at opera

July 18, 2014 The fat lady will sing — but only in strict keeping with the work rules set out by the American Guild of Musical Artists. The Metropolitan Opera has a labor problem. more »»

Eric Holder, media-spoiled brat

July 17, 2014 Attorney General Eric Holder granted an exclusive interview to ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” from London, where he was portrayed by ABC as deeply concerned about the global terrorist... more »»

The face of the entitled illegal alien

July 17, 2014 They’ve blown it again, big time. They just can’t help themselves. more »»

Gordon’s ‘peace’ fence laughable

July 16, 2014 At last, an Obama administration official has come out in favor of a fence. He promises it will bring security to people on both sides of the border. more »»

‘Photo op’ gaffe reveals Obama’s tin ear

July 16, 2014 WASHINGTON — President Obama’s comment that “I’m not interested in photo ops” about the border crisis during last week’s visit to Texas was akin to your neighborhood pup not being interested in... more »»

Groups do not have to fight

July 15, 2014 Here’s a question that I’ve asked in the past that needs to be revisited. Unless one wishes to obfuscate, it has a simple yes or no answer. more »»



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