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Unruly Britannia has some right answers when it comes to voting

May 6, 2015 LONDON — They called it “Question Time,” borrowing the term from the prime minister’s weekly appearance in the House of Commons, but this was surprisingly and refreshingly differen. more »»

Voters prefer governors over senators for White House job

May 5, 2015 In the past 94 years, American voters have elected a total of two United States senators — John F. Kennedy in 1960 and Barack Obama — president. more »»

Baltimore defeatism a big part of why black Americans struggle

May 4, 2015 Using the most bloodless terms, an economist explained the failure or inability of so many African-Americans to rise from their impoverished circumstances. more »»

Reasons for Baltimore riots require soul searching

May 3, 2015 WASHINGTON — Of all the images captured of this week’s riots in Baltimore, none was more arresting that of an irate mother chasing, berating and striking her protesting son. more »»

America’s politics is polarized but politics in Britain is fragmented

May 3, 2015 Next week, Britain votes in its first general election in five years. Some aspects of its politics will be familiar to Americans. more »»

About those smoking guns, Mr. Stephanopoulos

May 3, 2015 In January, Robert F. McDonnell, 71st governor of Virginia, was sentenced to two years in prison followed by two years of supervised release after his conviction on 11 counts of public corruption. more »»

MDOT trouble could have been avoided

May 3, 2015 The Michigan Department of Transportation has disappointed taxpayers by repeatedly failing to follow through on audit recommendations made over 13 years. more »»

Lawmakers must close the open-carry loopholes for gun-free zones

May 3, 2015 Michigan lawmakers must act swiftly to ban the open carrying of firearms in gun-free zones, before efforts by brazen open carry advocates go any further. Guns do not belong in sensitive places. more »»

Documentary on Kent State shootings resonates today

May 1, 2015 As a ‘79 graduate of Kent State University, I was eager to watch PBS’ new documentary on the 1970 campus shootings, which killed four students and wounded nine others. more »»

With political correctness prevailing, it’s much harder to simply say truth

April 30, 2015 WASHINGTON — True words are often said in jest, it has long been said. But a harsher idiom has been taking shape in recent years: Jest is becoming the only way to express trut. more »»

Up ahead, there is another sign post on road to destruction

April 29, 2015 When future historians analyze the decline of America they need look no further than the trivialities increasingly occupying our time and concerns instead of substantive matters seriously threatenin... more »»

Brother’s death a devastating loss, provides lessons in life

April 28, 2015 Tom Shields, my big brother, lived a long and good life. more »»

On the Internet, nobody really knows you’re a complete fraud

April 27, 2015 There’s been some tense back-and-forth over the Canadian mother who said she had stopped opposing vaccinations after all seven of her kids came down with whooping cough. more »»

Rand Paul correct to demand media ask Dems about late-term abortions

April 26, 2015 It was sort of inevitable that on his first day of campaigning as an announced candidate for president earlier this month, Rand Paul would be asked whether he supported a ban on abortions in cases o... more »»

Endless campaigning is getting out of hand

April 25, 2015 WASHINGTON — Now that Hillary Clinton has finally declared her presidential candidacy for 2016, the country can look forward to another interminable stretch of pre-election shadow boxing, until the... more »»

Someone needs to fix the Secret Service and fast

April 25, 2015 We learned this week that the Secret Service dawdled for an entire year before fixing a broken security system at the home of former President George H. W. Bush. more »»

Other opinions

April 25, 2015 Vet wait times too long Most Americans would agree with this statement: Our nation’s veterans deserve better treatment than they are currently receiving at VA medical centers across the United... more »»

Go Cavs, please pass the confetti; it has been awhile, hasn’t it?

April 24, 2015 Now listen. We’re not going to work ourselves into a tizzy here in Cleveland because a columnist in Boston decided to launch his fiction writing career with a hit job on us. more »»

Russian connection: Clinton greed easily seen in foundation dealings

April 24, 2015 The Clintons have always had an uneasy relationship with money. Bill never had any. more »»

Mr. Hughes goes to Washington and finds big problems there

April 23, 2015 WASHINGTON — When postal worker Doug Hughes — otherwise known as the gyrocopter dude — landed his gizmo on the West Lawn of the Capitol, he wasn’t worried about being shot down, he say. more »»



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