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Does the end of history result in an overwhelming political decay?

October 26, 2014 Francis Fukuyama picked an auspicious publication date for his latest book, “Political Order and Political Decay. more »»

Death of Bradlee is a personal loss for all

October 26, 2014 WASHINGTON — The death at 93 of the Washington Post’s incomparable editor Benjamin C. more »»

Michael Brown and race hoaxes

October 26, 2014 Back in August, when news first broke of a shooting in Ferguson, Mo., the media world, perpetually tingling with eagerness for white-on-black violence stories, plunged into delirium. more »»

The non-issue in campaign

October 25, 2014 One of the surprising and welcome shifts in the political landscape this election cycle is that high-profile Republican candidates, by and large, have not made opposition to immigration reform a... more »»

Twerk on sisters, twerk on

October 24, 2014 The first time I saw the video of Miley Cyrus twerking with Robin Thicke... Let’s start over. I can’t bring myself even to go there again. more »»

Media is gone, struggle goes on

October 24, 2014 It wasn’t so long ago that Ferguson, Mo., was supposed to be an American morality tale of racism, the militarization of police and all manner of other evil. more »»

Sex is only for the rich, not the poor

October 23, 2014 America has decided: Sex is for rich people. Non-procreative sex in particula. more »»

Houston pastors fight censorship

October 22, 2014 Houston recently passed an ordinance through its city council that has sparked quite a bit of controversy amongst conservative evangelicals. more »»

Will the West defend itself?

October 21, 2014 The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, sometimes called ISIS or IS, is a Sunni extremist group that follows al-Qaida’s anti-West ideology and sees a holy war against the West as a religious duty. more »»

‘Leave’ all of your trees alone

October 21, 2014 This time of year, your trees are sending you a message. Although I grew up in the Midwest, I’m experiencing it ane. more »»

Why Millennials don’t drive much

October 20, 2014 Young Americans are just not into driving the way their elders are or did at their age. They are less likely to own cars or use cars. The drives they do are shorter. more »»

Slowly but surely, Hispanics are souring on Obama, Democrats

October 19, 2014 It’s looking like a tough offyear election for Democrats, with their Senate majority at serious risk and their chances of gaining House seats down toward zero. more »»

Bush chemical weapons cover up restarts old beef

October 19, 2014 WASHINGTON — The New York Times report that the George W. more »»

Dems continue to play equal pay delusion card

October 19, 2014 Voters are souring on the Democratic Party. more »»

Ebola factor out of control

October 18, 2014 It’s time to take a deep breath. Ebola is an awful disease that has tragically infected a handful of Americans. more »»

Recognizing heroes in our midst

October 18, 2014 That terrifying Tuesday morning, now 14 Septembers ago, when terrorists connected to al-Qaida hijacked jetliners and drove them into the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center will be forever... more »»

Whoa to our runaway tongues

October 17, 2014 In May 1997, I was a reporter assigned to interview spiritual author Deepak Chopra, who upon meeting me asked whether I could drive him to where our interview would take place. Great, I though. more »»

War is hell with military vs. Marlboro

October 17, 2014 We are losing a war in Iraq and Syria, the military is shrinking dangerously as global threats are growing, and yet the Pentagon is mustering its forces against tobacco products. more »»

Questions unanswered reveal much

October 16, 2014 WASHINGTON — So unpopular is President Obama these days that the (D) following Democratic candidates’ names might stand for Denial. more »»

Rebuilding Gaza for next attack

October 15, 2014 After World War II, the Marshall Plan helped rebuild a devastated Europe. The key word in that sentence is "after. more »»

Is FDA officially killing Americans?

October 14, 2014 The Food and Drug Administration can make two types of errors. more »»



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