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From Reagan to FDR, tax fairness fluctuates with elected leaders

October 23, 2016 With all the debate over Donald Trump’s tax-dodging, I’ve been wondering how taxes have played into presidential politics in the past. more »»

We must do everything we can to protect our babies from our guns

October 23, 2016 According to research by the USA Today Network and the Associated Press in a series of stories published Friday, close to 200 children nationwide were killed in accidental shootings in the first six... more »»

Despite Trump, demonic protest politics doesn’t always fail

October 23, 2016 The year 2016 has been a big year for protest politics — not just in the United States, what with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump getting over 40 percent of primary votes, but also all over Europe... more »»

Clinton, Ryan and crisis of American capitalism

October 23, 2016 Hillary Clinton won’t be the only winner when Donald Trump and his fellow haters are defeated on Election Day (as looks increasingly likely). more »»

Clinton’s Wall Street speeches were brilliant

October 22, 2016 I’ve dismissed talk of Hillary Clinton’s “secrecy problem” as mere babble in an election year. more »»

Trump needed debate reset, instead riles GOP

October 20, 2016 WASHINGTON — Donald Trump needed a game changer. Instead, he landed a jaw dropper. more »»

Increasingly desperate Trump swings recklessly

October 19, 2016 WASHINGTON — Viewers of tonight’s final presidential debate should brace for an even more destructive Donald Trump performance, as he carries his desperate scorched-earth strategy to its logical... more »»

Trump campaign a major stain on Republican Party

October 17, 2016 I would rather be writing about Bob Dylan’s surprising Nobel Prize in literature this week, a well-deserved acknowledgment of his contribution to modern culture. more »»

Why all Progressives must vote for Hillary Clinton

October 16, 2016 I continue to hear from many people who call themselves progressives or liberals but tell me they won’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. With due respect, I believe they’re wrong. more »»

Research links income equality to poor fitness among youth

October 16, 2016 The United States, anyone could reasonably argue, has the most accomplished elite athletes in the world. more »»

Reduce taxes on craft liquor

October 16, 2016 The Senate recently passed a bill that would significantly lighten the tax burden on Michigan's craft distilling industry. That's a good call. more »»

Importance of keeping Donald afloat

October 15, 2016 It seems ages ago, but recall when the second presidential debate was deemed the sink-or-swim moment for the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. more »»

Trump video makes it personal

October 14, 2016 Twenty-year-old Hana Barkowitz had never before had this reaction to a stranger’s T-shirt. “I really wanted to say something,” she told me Wednesday. “This has become so personal for me. more »»

Who’s the worst person in the world?

October 13, 2016 WASHINGTON — It should surprise no one that this presidential election — the first ever to involve a female nominee from a major party in the top spot — has devolved into a contest of man’s ultimate... more »»

Republican agony apparent following video debacle

October 12, 2016 Less than a month before the election, the Republican speaker of the House says he won’t defend or campaign with his party’s presidential nomine. more »»

Robin Hood economics seems to be falling flat in debates

October 9, 2016 Robin Hood is dead. Or at least seriously ailing. more »»

Trump focus should not give other Republicans free pass

October 9, 2016 The Hillary Clinton campaign is relentlessly focusing on the defects of Donald Trump rather than the defects of the Republican agenda. That’s understandable, and it could be a winning strategy. more »»

Hillary no enabler; nor were Eleanor, Jackie

October 8, 2016 Having lost badly to Hillary Clinton in their first debate, Donald Trump has turned to a subject on which he can claim expertise: screwing aroun. more »»

US can learn lessons from French waste-not experiment

October 8, 2016 France has embarked on two experiments we should take note of. First, the nation just banned all non-biodegradable disposable plastic cups, plates, and utensils. more »»

Another opinion

October 8, 2016 Violent crime seems to be improving in city of Detroit Crime has been a popular topic in the presidential election, but most of the debate has revolved around high-profile events in a handful of... more »»

Trump sees working class chumps

October 7, 2016 Like so many working-class kids, I was raised not to judge others by what they did or didn’t own and never to bring dishonor to the people I come from. more »»



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