Painting festival a great success

To the Journal editor:

On behalf of the Fresh Coast Plein Air Painting Festival, we would like to thank the following sponsors who made this year’s event possible.

The include Michigan Realtors/MI Great Places, Inc.; Travel Marquette; Lake Superior Art Association; Ben Franklin Store; Beth Milner Jewelry; Kathleen Conover/The Studio Gallery, Mommaerts and Mahaney Financial Services; Steve Pelto, Look Realty; Carl Mayer; The Painters on the Loose; and Variety in Painting Styles artists. As a part of Art Week, we offer our thanks to the city of Marquette, especially the Marquette Arts and Culture Center staff: Tiina Harris, Tristan Luoma and Taylor Kuljo.

We could not produce a successful competition, reception and award ceremony without their invaluable assistance! Thanks to our wonderful juror, Marlene Wood, from Chicago. Finally, a special thank you for the tremendous support from our local community!

Charlice Stewart, Michele Tuccini and Carolyn Snyder