Always willing to help

To the Journal editor:

I have come to a great reality, Marquette citizens and Yoopers in general are very great people. I am partially disabled and often need a cane to help me walk. I have found whenever I go to any store in the area, someone is trying to help me with the door or whatever.

Recently while mowing my lawn my mower broke, being a rider I was in a fix as I couldn’t get down to the ground to fix the blade and then get back on the mower, a passerby saw my troubles and came in my driveway and offered to fix it for me. This person named John was a stranger but was so kind as to fix it which he did. I offered to pay him and he refused lt. What a great example of the people up here.

I have lived in the Marquette area for over 50 years and have never met so many helpful people since I became disabled in 2011. All I can say is Marquette and the Yoopers around the area are the greatest.

Thank you to all for your concerns.

Robert Whitaker