Trump supporters should wake up

To the Journal editor:

With all the recent controversy about the president and his followers ranting “fake news” at CNN, MSNBC, or other news organizations he doesn’t approve of, one wonders what is the definition of fake news.

I remember election night 2016 when CNN and MSNBC, as well as Fox News and every other news network projected that Donald Trump would have enough electoral votes be elected president. The same networks showed him taking the oath of office.

But “Dear Leader Donald,” not to be confused with “Dear Leader Kim” of North Korea, declared CNN, MSNBC, and anyone else who does not tow the official government line as spreading “fake news” and being the enemy of the people. Does that mean he was never elected president? Never took the oath of office? I know I saw it on CNN, and I even flipped through the channels to see it on other nerworks, but if it was all “fake news” then Hillary Clinton must be president and none of it ever happened except in his fantasy mind where he apparently lives where what is isn’t and what isn’t is.

Maybe with that logic we could have been better off if Dear Leader Donald was president during World War II when Pearl Harbor and the Holocaust could have been denied by calling them “fake news” stories and we would not have had to go to war.

If he was elected in 2000 he could have eliminated the attacks on 9/11 by calling it “fake news.” CNN covered the story, so it must not have happened.

There are a disturbing number of his followers who worship him as a god who can do no wrong and is the only source of all information who must never be questioned, for he is their great savior who knows all and should be worshipped as the idol in their new religion of Trump.

I would prefer to live in the real world as imperfect as it may be and not follow the cult of Donald or whatever the Republican Party may call itself now and I hope others wake up to the madness before it is too late.