Writer dismisses climate change

To the Journal editor:

The climate change issue seems to occupy the political left. Why? Perhaps they believe they have finally found an issue that proves them to be more “thoughtful.” The issue is not failing to acknowledge scientific observation but in determining what action makes sense. Or, if no action is better than action.

Do we all want to quit driving so that water levels don’t rise an inch and temperatures don’t rise a half degree in a hundred years? If you want to return to Neanderthal survival, be my guest. We could close all our coal mines, however the Russians and the Chinese won’t close theirs, and that imperceptible change in temperature might cost you our economy and your job.

We also cannot deny the cyclical nature of climate. The two ice ages must have been followed by warmer eons, otherwise the site for New York City would still be under six miles of ice. Perhaps the alarmists would prefer those days?

New technology would be great. But, it’s not here yet. I don’t trust batteries to drive me over the Rockies so I’ll take my gas powered F-150 every time. Solar energy has not yet replace our gas stoves.

There is one other important issue. The strident doom and gloom coming from the left cannot replace my faith in God. God created this earth and he will remove it and us when he wants. Jesus said so in St. Mark’s chapter 13. If only our heavenly father knows when the last day is, why should it be a concern for me?