Hitler described

To the Journal editor:

He would not have attained the heights he did had those in power not thought he had ineffective knowledge and experience. He was seen as something of a buffoon. He never touched alcohol as he knew how it could make loved ones behave poorly. Yet his oratory skills were outstanding and his extreme bullying very intimidating.

The nation was in turmoil. The people were stunned by the widespread unemployment and rising crime rate. However, his political base worshipped him. Many of the troubles were blamed on minority groups. He knew that the country could only hope for salvation if he could just get rid of these minorities.

His father did not provide a good role model, but rather taught him how to deceive, how to plunder the weak and how to lie and be cruel.

He wrote a popular book teaching that if we only stick together and do as he suggested, we of pale skin tones would prevail. His beliefs bordered on the unconstitutional; he deemed the press “enemy of the state.” He feathered his own nest while the weak faltered, the poor got poorer, the sick did not heal.

Did he die although a few adored him? No. He and his wife of one day committed suicide because most of the world hated him.

He was born April 20, 1889 Adolf Schicklgruber and died April 30, 1945 Adolf Hitler. (It sounded so much better than “Heil Schicklgruber”).

Susan Harris Braamse