Business as usual?

To the Journal editor:

Anyone who has parented a child from infancy through young adulthood knows intimately the investment involved. The deep emotions, the strong commitment, the time, the hopes, the dreams, the expectations, the love, oh, the love! I won’t even include the financial investment because it is as nothing in value to a loving parent as compared to everything else. So, to lose a child to an untimely death is devastatingly traumatic. How does one ever overcome such trauma? But, to lose a child, a beautiful, happy, hopeful child to an utterly random senseless death. like a school shooting, is beyond my ability to comprehend. Try to imagine the depth of the suffering, just try it and chances are that, even if you try very, very hard, you will still be light years away from what it really feels like. Your progeny, wiped out and perhaps your posterity too! Gone forever and probably forgotten by most everyone who has their own life to live! And that’s only part of the awful, unspeakable scenario which is typified by the recent school shooting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Business as usual America!

Just another inhuman but increasingly routine event in this “exceptional” country and to which an influential number of our policy-makers respond with “thoughts” and “prayers.”

I’m reminded of a recent conversation I had with an Irish friend in Dublin around school safety She said we(the Irish) would not abide for an instant a social circumstance, a cultural dilemma which required the placement of police and metal detectors in their schools and by extension allowed 18 year olds to possess assault rifles! “Would not abide for an instant!” My goodness, what kind of culture must that be, one that does not abide a threatening environment for it’s most precious resource?