Better performance from Bergman needed

To the Journal editor:

I’m very disappointed in the fiscal direction that the present administration is embracing. The recent tax “reform” was wrong-headed, contributing to a growing deficit increase and snow, when combined with the President’s outlandish budget proposal this nation is facing a monumental deficit. Where is our congressman?

Jack Bergram’s latest press release on Feb. 12 is a puzzler, given his record over the past year. He faithfully followed the party line and touted his support for the tax passage but now is concerned about the “severe budgetary crisis” facing this Nation. He and his colleagues were not concerned when the tax relief to big business and the 1 percent (the “gift”) was expected to increase the deficit by some $3-7 trillion, to be balanced with a hocus-pocus increase in the economy.

In that tired phrase, he “… will continue to fight to protect these important issues that directly affect the constituents of the 1st District” doesn’t cut it anymore. Don’t expect any action from the good congressman from his seat on the House Budget Committee other than following the administration’s direction. Face it, Jack, there is little real interest within the 1st District about border security, defense, and the promise if $1.5 trillion in infrastructure. These are simply code words for “the Wall.”

Jack Bergman ran as a fiscal conservative and now his real colors are showing. We have a governmental retiree sitting in Congress spending our tax dollars like he hit the lottery. While I am certainly not a Rand Paul supporter, he had it right when he stood in front of the Senate and said there is no conservative party in this country.

I’d add that there is no fiscal conservative thinking in these parties. We’ve been led down the primrose path again. Let’s change the direction of this nation before it is too late.