True meaning of Christmas?

To the Journal editor:

Soon Christmas will be upon us. Black Friday has passed as has Thanksgiving Day. Much has changed in my lifetime. Sadly the celebration of Christmas has almost disappeared.

First of all, it starts too early, almost in September now. Also it has been transformed into a commercial adventure. I can’t believe how much advertising is out there. The TV ads are overwhelming and papers, magazines, internet, smart phones, etc.

One has to make a decision as to which way to go. I have talked to many older people and even some young people who agree it’s really not the way to go. As I’ve written before, Christmas in the 1950s — what a difference. Christmas started well after Thanksgiving, maybe the second week of December.

No stores open 24 hours a day and not that many stores. As for gift buying most of us were really happy to get one or two gifts and being with family was important. Friends and relatives getting together to have some good food and visiting. We were not in a rush either.

It was a more relaxed time. The world was at a slower pace. And of course the most important issue was to remember the real meaning of Christmas. Go to church and realize the great gift God was giving us, the birth of his son Jesus Christ.

For those who believe it’s a gift money can’t buy. A chance to change our ways. Forgiveness of our sinful ways and know the love of God that means giving rather than getting more. Love of family, being thankful for food, a decent home, being healthy and many things that we forget are more important than worldly goods

Since my wife passed away on Feb. 18 and son-in-law, Tim, on June 10, it’s a reminder to love your parents, children and others as well. Not only now during the Christmas season but each day.

And finally Christmas is only the beginning for those of us who receive Jesus into our lives. The goods news is a place beyond this one with Christ, God and the kingdom of heaven.

That’s a real Merry Christmas that goes forever.

God bless and Merry Christmas.