A wonderful place

To the Journal editor:

While shopping at one of the local big box stores with my daughter, we happened upon some of the “flipping” sequin covered bags.

My daughter had a hard time deciding which one she wanted Santa to bring her for Christmas and a kind woman who was walking by witnessed the dilemma, and added her sage advice. After doing eenie meenie miney mo, we settled on which one to add to the Christmas list.

While checking out, we were informed by the cashier that “Santa” had just left the store, and he had left something for us. Much to our surprise, and my daughters benefit she had received an early Christmas gift from a kind stranger. We quickly found our secret “Santa” in the parking lot and offered our most sincere thanks.

This is the kind of place we live. Where random acts of kindness from one person to another still exist. As a parent, I have to thank the woman who helped to instill these words direct from my daughters mouth: “I hope I can be that kind when I get older.”

I hope that we can all be that kind to each other, regardless of age. Merry Christmas and God bless.

Marc Weinrick