Who gets bad news?

To the Journal editor:

I applaud our congressman, Jack Bergman, for his support of House Resolution 3922, The Championing Healthy Kids Act.

But I am puzzled. In the same email he sent to me (Nov. 3) in which he pats himself on the back for supporting this worthy bill, he cautions that ” … Congress must also be vigilant about how we prioritize spending on federal programs.”

Agreed. But, how can he express concern for our huge national debt and give tacit support to spectacularly raising the debt with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Rep. Bergman’s constituents are not stupid and naive. Many of us read the news in depth. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will not be good for the lower and middle class population, which makes up the vast majority of the 1st District constituency, benefitting instead the wealthy and entitled few.

It will significantly raise the national debt, leaving a legacy of fearful proportions to our children and grandchildren.

The tax cuts for corporate America and the 1 percent must be paid by someone.

Wonder who?

Douglas S. Mills