Voting for Cambensy

I feel the need to address Rich Rossway’s television ad addressing Marquette County Road 595, as I find it misleading.

If CR 595 is one of his leading issues, I seriously question where he was during the real fight for the road. I attended every public comment session and stated my support for 595, as did state Sen. Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba.

(To my knowledge) Mr. Rossway did not attend any of these sessions. Which begs the question: Where was he during the push for CR 595? I ask all labor folks that supported CR 595 not to be fooled. Mr. Rossway was not there when we needed him.

There is one candidate who has stood with labor and working families. That candidate is Sara Cambensy. Sara is the voice we need to bring jobs and opportunity back to the Upper Peninsula. Let your voices be heard on Tuesday. Vote for Sara Cambensy to be our next state representative.