Love instead of hate

To the Journal editor:

Another tragic event. This time in a church, 26 people died. In the alcohol recovery program it’s mentioned one day at the time — to remind us all today may be your last day. Most don’t know, but if you are on a spiritual path that’s following the way of the Lord, it’s said by Jesus don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. The present day has enough to have one concerned about what to do. For many it’s getting on to your work day. Mothers have children to care for. Many have health issues to deal with or the passing of loved ones. Nowadays I believe most try to be so busy that it can be very stressful. A fast-paced society as I have written about before. Life was a little more relaxed. Time was spent more with family and also enjoying the beauty of nature, like walking in the woods or sitting in sun or by the lake. No 24-hours-a-day stuff. Not much TV and of course no computers, smart phones and the constant commercials that just want you to get more. Believe me, near the end of your life those things don’t mean much. It’s really hard to be able to enjoy a slower pace life. The traffic is at a fast pace. The stores are getting bigger and many more people.

I don’t know where it will take us but for me, it’s not what I call a better time. I continue to try my best to follow the spiritual path. A promise of peace and at least some guidance to respect and hopefully have concern for my fellow brother and sister who live on this earth. Try to have love instead of hate. Help support those who need it and most of all forgive when we are hurt rather than take the evil path of what has been happening. The senseless killing of innocent people. I’ve heard on the news of many people trying to find a way to stop this trend.

Only if one changes within and only God can do that if you let him come into your life. Let’s hope and pray for those who need that help. I would like to add this. I wish the news media would not continue to keep telling those bad stories. It does not help. How about some good news? Let’s see what happens.