Letters to the Editor

Blowin’ in the wind

To the Journal editor:

I commend The Mining Journal for its recent (Nov.15) editorial, wherein it covered and commented on the Michigan Climate and Health Adaptation program at Northern Michigan University.

The paper mentioned local effects of climate change that include a hit to our local winter tourism economy and the destruction caused by high-wind events. I’d like to add that, in addition to what it costs us locally, as federal taxpayers, we pay for climate related emergencies and destruction–like the floods and fires of recent years–across the country.

As the climate changes, our resources will, increasingly, go toward dealing with the inevitable consequences of these massively destructive climate-related events.

Logic and prudence tell us that we must work toward slowing–and ultimately stopping–the cause of this destruction: carbon emissions in our atmosphere.

Qualified climate scientists are urging us to take action now to decrease the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere–but we must have the political will.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon all of us to demand that our state and federal representatives advocate for legislation that will steer us in that direction.

Tim Clancy