Letters to the Editor

A show of weakness

To the Journal editor:

Mr. Trump delivered a dinner speech to Xi, head of China’s government and to major Chinese diplomats (recently). Mr. Xi is considered by Chinese citizens as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao.

Instead of delivering his usual rough rhetoric about disapproval of China’s unfair trade practices and charging that China has been “raping” American trade, Trump folded. He choked. His speech was so appeasing and sycophantic that the Chinese attending were shocked and guffawed loudly in derision.

To breach diplomatic manners in China is virtually unheard of. For an American president, head of a chief adversarial nation, to appear so weak as to draw shocked guffaws from Chinese heads of state, such an event has virtually sealed our position as a secondary world power.

Weakness is not forgotten nor forgiven in the East. Americans everywhere should know that today we lost the war with China in trade, in national and international influence, in military strength, all due to this one sad, pathetic performance by someone who had no business in the role of president of the United States.

No spy or traitor could have damaged the United States going forward like Mr. Trump did at this dinner. The upper hand in dignity, respect, and strength is all in China.

This story will be told to Chinese students for generations to come as they discuss how the West was defeated at dinner with help of one pathetic clown.