Letters to the Editor

City workers lauded

To the Journal editor:

I greatly appreciate the staff at the Marquette Department of Public Works and in particular Chad and his crew, for their work during the recent storm and clean-up.

Their competence and kindness saved my home from flooding. These employees are a credit to our community and serve humbly, often obscurely.

On the other hand, the fools that continued to go around barricades at the corner of Fair Avenue and Lakeshore Boulevard caused constant swells against the sandbags holding water away from my lower level and in general impeded the work of the DPW crews.

Despite the repeated attempts of the city police, DPW workers and TV6 reporters to urge residents to respect the intent of barricades, a selfish minority of thrill seekers repeatedly sped through the flooded streets and threatened the well-being of workers and homeowners.

Some people are so selfish, while others are selfless in working for the common good.

So, if you see a city employee working during or after a storm or even doing routine maintenance, please take a moment to say thanks for what they are doing. We don’t thank each other enough in today’s society.

Nancy (Wiseman) Seminoff


Hauntingly successful

To the Journal editor:

On behalf of the board of directors of MooseWood Nature Center, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s 18th annual Haunted Bog Walk Fundraiser held on Friday and Saturday, Oct.13-14.

The event was a huge success with the proceeds used to operate your year-round nature center, updating exhibits, keeping the resident educational animals well cared for and fed, and providing public programming and school field trips to the greater Marquette and surrounding areas.

The weather was spectacular for both nights and participants were able to see the northern lights on Friday night.

Your outstanding support confirms that the people of Marquette County are supportive of their local nature center and our mission, to celebrate nature through education and action in the Upper Peninsula.

I especially want to thank our sponsors for their overwhelming support. Sponsors included: mBank; Essential Chiropractic; Econo Foods; Third Street Bagel; Marquette Food Co-op; Togo’s; Main Street Pizza; Aubree’s; Downwind Sports; Jilbert’s Dairy; Mare Z Doats; and Market Baking Co.

This event would not be possible without the time and energy of our spectacular volunteers who made this event truly a success. Northern Michigan University’s Honor Society; Weightlifting OTC; ROTC, Mu Beta Psi; Phi Sigma Sigma; Cold Logic; Van Antwerp Hall; TV6; Ian Bek; MooseWood board members and their spouses; and Jamie Whiting this year’s volunteer coordinator. Also, thank you to anyone who did not get named in this list.

Again, thank you for supporting your local nature center and adding the Haunted Bog Walk to your community Halloween activities.

Jamie Whiting

MooseWood Nature Center