Letters to the editor

Supporting Cambensy

To the Journal editor:

Dear friends and neighbors, turning 70 at month’s end, I have always voted and worked within the political system to accomplish good things for the community such as public access television and building the BMX track. However, I have become so disappointed in the state of our political system that for the first time in my life, I am going a step further.

I am writing in support of Sara Cambensy our representative in Lansing. She has done a great job on the city commission, always standing for those she represents over outside corporate interests, so we know she will do the same at the state level.

She is exactly what our political system needs to rebuild to a more representative reflection of who we are: Young, female and experienced in governing.

If you watched the candidate debate, you saw Sara clearly define her positions and stand proudly as a Democrat as her opponent took every opportunity to say he did not agree with Republican agenda items.

Yet, that is his party. We all know the extreme pressure he will be under to toe the party line so why did he not run as an Independent?

It is in our best interests to have more women, younger people with governing experience, Democrats and candidates who always stand for those they represent. Sara is all of these! Vote your best interest. Vote for Sara Cambensy.

Paul D. Churchville


Ads were distasteful

To the Journal editor:

After receiving a number of political advertisements from candidates for the 109th district, one in particular stands out.

On one side, we see a shiny, glossy Rich Rossway. On the other side, we see his opponent, Sara Cambensy, in dark, muted tones, looking up from a muddy pothole.

In addition to appealing to a juvenile sensibility, this combination of photos, especially with the current White House occupant, strongly smacks of misogyny.

Someone paid for this large, colorful, negative advertisement and someone approved of its use.

Mr. Rossway, do the right thing! Publicly distance yourself from and clearly identify those who would drag down others in your name.

Don’t let the party trump your reputation, if you know what I mean.

Rod mitchell


Editor’s note: Rossway has said publicly that he has no control over the advertisements in question and that they originated with the state Republican Party.