Letters o the Editor

Cambensy needed

To the Journal editor:

Our Upper Peninsula needs to be heard. Like Dominic Jacobetti, Sara Cambensy can be that voice for the Upper Peninsula.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in public administration from Northern Michigan University. She believes in lifelong learning for herself and for anyone who wants to keep up with the changing demands in the workplace and is trying to make it affordable for all. The Michigan Education Association endorses Sara.

She has served on the Marquette City Commission for six years. As commissioner she carefully questions proposed projects, big and small for cost, value and expected results.

This is the person we need in Lansing representing us. Please vote for Sara Cambensy Tuesday.

Judy Warner


UPPCO solution proposed

To the Journal editor:

From the information provided in The Mining Journal’s Oct. 15 article about UPPCO billing practices, it seems to me that there is a far simpler solution than forcing UPPCO to undergo the immediate cost increase of monthly meter readings.

If the principal complaint is severely oscillating monthly charges due to meters not being read every month, it seems to me that it is UPPCO’s responsibility to begin using a computer program that does a better job of estimating charges for months when meter reading does not occur.

Unless there is some missing information connected to the examples presented in the article, the complaints are legitimate, but the proposed solution does not seem to me to be necessary.

Bob Railey


Thanks are given

To the Journal editor:

Thank you, Room at the Inn, Hope Connection Center, Messiah Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, the Exchange Club of Marquette and Aubree’s Pizza for your support of the Summer Shelter for the homeless.

Mary Jane Lynch


Thank an emergency worker

To the Journal editor:

On Oct. 25, we awoke to the wind trying to blow our house off its foundation, the rain coming down in torrents, and the temperature dropping. By 9 a.m., the storm had knocked out our electricity. It took over 10 hours before the Alger Delta Co-Op workers restored our power.

Again (10/27) it is raining, cold, with high winds and our friends along the Squaw Beach Road here in Big Bay have been without power for nearly eight hours. How would you like the job of going out into these storms, working in the wind and rain and cold temperatures for eight to 10 hours up on a power pole or in a highlight bucket truck? I know I wouldn’t want that job.

We should all be saying thank you to the linemen who do go out in storms, day or night, so we can have our electricity.

Thank you!

Russell Gust

Big Bay

Advice is given

To the Journal editor:

Wow. We finally got it. The police state, silly! Or, have we had “it” all along? We just never had to use it, until “big corporate” blatantly called it out!

What is happening to America? What is happening to society? Decency? Honesty? The MBA revolution is taking off, with the creation of billionaire combines who are using the basic tenets of our value structure as a nation for their “playground,” replete with the subordination of the capitalistic system to the whims of the glutinous boardrooms!

Is it any wonder the general population is of the impression that an individual’s vote isn’t worth the ballot it is written on. The legalistic atmosphere in living nowadays subornes the right of God-given sovereignty. The only conclusion to draw from that fact is: It is the product of the “Prince of Evil,” that “specter” has been hoodwinking, shamelessly, the entire world of business with its promotion of extraordinary wealth at any cost.

The “joner” is the mad rush into the world trade schemes orchestrated by foreign businesses, originally jealous of the successes of industrial America, finally bent upon capturing the makings of that success with the ploy of a vain promise to “break the mold of Unionism” as seen in those industries.

The result has been the demise of the American auto industry, the involvements in international politics and subsequent military commitments that have decimated a decently proportioned populace, one steeped in the art of peaceful living. When’s the last time the news had a general theme of peace?

GATT and NAFTA, get off our backs, already! There is hardly enough of that America left to serve as a skeletal form of redemption.

And, as a start, ban the playing of the National Anthem at sporting events. Those are for a much lesser cause than supposedly endorsing the flagrant display of artful mayhem!

Martin Hendrickson


Fund assistance appreciated

To the Journal editor:

I recently received some help from the Warrior Relief Fund. The process is very smooth. On their website they list how they provide immediate assistance. This is very much true.

I recently started to go back to school to finish my degree and as life would have it, the laptop crashed on me and I was not sure if I could continue school. It is a great resource for veterans to get some help if the need arises, which is usually a stressful situation, but they made it not stressful at all.

Richard LeAnna